How to Move Antiques Safely to Preserve Their Value

Jan 31, 2023 | Moving Tips

The antiques you own are likely very valuable from a monetary perspective, but many people also hold sentimental value for their antiques. You may have these special items prominently displayed in your home.

If you’re considering moving in the near future, it can become a challenge to figure out how you’re going to relocate antiques from one place to the next without anything breaking or becoming damaged in transit.

Let’s take a look at what you and your moving company can do to ensure your antiques and collections arrive at your new home in one piece.

Understand the Fragility of Antiques

Antiques are generally made from very high-quality materials that can be very fragile. The more intricate the design of an antique is, the more fragile it will be.

An antique vase may have a very thin and curving handle that can break off easily if handled or packed incorrectly. Something made entirely of glass can shatter after being slightly bumped.

It doesn’t take a lot of impact to damage an antique, which is why it’s important to ensure your items are packed and transported properly using white glove moving services.

Preparing to Move Your Antiques

Before any of your antiques are packaged up for a move, make sure you check everything to see if you spot any damage. You should also clean your antiques before your move.

Just make sure you’re using safe cleaning products and items that won’t damage the surface of your treasures. If you’re unsure what you should be using to clean your antiques, you can usually find quite a bit of information on the internet, or you can check with a local antique dealer for their professional input.

Using Professional Movers for Moving Antiques

A lot of people are tempted to move their antiques on their own. They feel that they will be able to keep an eye on the items and confirm that they’re being handled correctly.

While this can sometimes work, it makes more sense to utilize professional white glove moving services. These professionals have the proper packing materials on hand so your antiques can be wrapped and stored for the move.

At Element Moving, our movers take extreme care to relocate your antiques from one place to the next without anything being dropped, banged up, or tipped over during transport.

Packing and Wrapping Tips for Transporting Antiques

If you need to wrap and pack some of your antiques on your own, here are some helpful steps to get started. Make sure you gather all your packing materials ahead of time so they’re conveniently located where you need them.

Determine what size box you’re going to need for your item. It’s beneficial to box your items individually. This eliminates items hitting each other. You also don’t want too much excess room for your items to move around inside the box. Always place some extra paper or padding in the bottom of the box.

If you have glass items, there are special papers that you can purchase, which will help prevent smudges on your glass during the move. You can also use tissue paper or newspaper if that’s what’s available. Crumple up the material and stuff it inside any openings while wrapping the item securely a number of times.

After placing your antique in its box, fill in any empty gaps with newspaper so the item can’t move during transport.

Securely tape the box closed and label it as holding a fragile and antique item so anybody who moves the box knows to take extra care with its relocation.  Boldly mark the box as Fragile across all sides.

Handling Techniques to Reduce Damage to Antiques

Make sure your packed antiques are kept in an area separate from the rest of your packed items. They should be transported separately, so nothing will fall on them or hit those fragile boxes. Extremely valuable items may need to be moved into a separate vehicle. Use an extra pair of hands for heavy items.

If you need assistance maintaining the value of your antiques during your upcoming move, reach out to our team here at Element Moving & Storage. We are a moving company in Dallas with experience performing local and long-distance moves. We will take exceptional care of your items, ensuring everything makes it to your new location in one piece.

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