How to Pack Fragile Items for a Local Move

Jun 16, 2021 | Moving Blog, Moving Mistakes

Heirlooms and delicate dinner settings are common items that move with families from home to home. Usually, these belongings are meant to be passed on from generation to generation. So, handling with care during a move is essential, even during a quick, local move.

Packing may seem like a standard action for people during a move, but fragile items require a unique approach. Here are some tips from professional local movers that will help mitigate the risk of damaged fragile goods in a move.

The Thicker the Box, the Better

Flimsy boxes are never anything you want to use for any move. However, when it comes to your breakable valuables, you definitely need thicker boxes to maximize the odds of safe transportation.

Before you pack your box, thoroughly inspect it. If it easily bends or shows any sign of giving without anything inside, it’s time to upgrade to a thicker box.

Small Boxes Are Great for Fragile Items

Small boxes are some of the best places to safely store fragile items during a local or long-distance move. Not only are they easier for people to handle with care, but they also reduce the amount of wiggle room in the actual storage space.

So, if you have a lot of small cups or smaller, heavier jewelry boxes, start looking for smaller cardboard boxes that will ease the stress of moving your breakable goods.

Never Go Light on the Tape

You always want to tape the bottom of your cardboard boxes for extra reinforcement. Remember, there is no such thing as overusing packing tape in this part of the moving process. So, tape away to ensure that your box bottoms remain intact.

It is also helpful to use packing tape to secure bubble wrap around other fragile items. This will keep the wrapping where it belongs and prevent dangerous shifting during your move.

Stuff Your Hollow Valuables

Vases, ceramic cups, china, and other hollow delicates should always be stuffed with packing paper. Packing paper will fill in the hollow spaces of these belongings and help prevent unnecessary vibrations that could cause devastating cracks or shatters.

Label Fragile Items

If you are asking your friends to help move or hire a value mover for your move, you want to make sure that your message is read loud and clear. 

Not only should you clearly mark that specific boxes contain fragile items, but you should also set said boxes aside. This separates them from the rest of your belongings and lets those that are helping you move to remain more aware of the fragile status of specific boxes.

Hire a Top-Tier Moving Company

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