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Our unpacking service is perhaps the most popular premium option we offer. It is a longtime favorite of our customers who don’t want to spend valuable time on this tedious part of the moving process, and this provision completely automates their endgame.

With this service option, the Element crew will stay with you every step of the way—even after your load has arrived at its new destination—to help you unpack, and seamlessly finish the move for you on the spot.  

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Offloading Furniture and Unpacking Moving Boxes

So, let’s say you’ve had to drive across the country—or even just a couple of hours—to get to your new destination. Once you finally arrive, the last thing you’ll want to do is get out of the truck, pull off all the boxes, carefully carry each of them inside, unpack them all, and arrange all the furniture. Can’t a person recover first? We wholeheartedly believe in the conservation of your precious energy! 😅

Our unpackers are fully committed to doing whatever it takes in order to ease the moving process for each of our customers, in any way we can; and a huge part of that means taking the initiative to get every single box and item off the truck, into the residence or office, unpacking them, and arranging them so you won’t have to worry about the tedious work. Your typical moving company tends to just drop everything off at the front door—if that—and proclaim that you’re on your own from there.

That’s not what the next generation in moving and storage likes to do. In fact, we take it to the next level in going the extra mile, depending on your unique preference. That means…

Unpacking Boxes in Each Room

Our customers are often blown away by how far we’re willing to go for them. If the customer prefers, he or she has the option to purchase room-by-room unpacking service—which is exactly what it sounds like—and literally take each moving box to their designated location, or room, and unpack them on the spot.

But it doesn’t stop with that.

Furniture Assembly and Arrangement  

What we’ll actually do is take photos of your previous location and its arrangement—chairs, furniture, frames, all of that—and use it as a blueprint to lay out the new location in the exact same manner, if that’s what you’d like. This includes putting toys away, arranging books on shelves, putting kitchen items away, rehanging clothes in the closet, you name it. Everything you thought moving companies don’t usually do, Element Moving and Storage, LLC does. We’ll go as far as you want us to with it.

When it comes to the more vulnerable items (such as fine China and the like), we will need you to be there with us during the unpacking service—we want to make sure your valuables are completely secure—however, you won’t have to lift a single finger. We’ll follow your directions and make sure everything is exactly as you like it to be.

Going even further to help our customers, we now offer flat screen tv installation and wall art hanging (so you don’t wind up staring at that large piece of art sitting on the floor in the corner for six months). Our goal is to make your new house feel like a home as soon as you move in. That means curtains hung, fragile chandeliers mounted securely, floating shelves, decorative tapestry – whatever you have in mind!


Let Us Unpack For You

We don’t want you to begin your new chapter in your new home with the added specter of anxiety and stress hanging over your head. Being the next generation in moving and storage, it’s our goal to transform the moving process from stressful, to Sunday picnic. This is why we offer options like our packing service, unpacking service, and furniture receiving and delivery; we want to know what we can do to make your move easier. Just contact us today, let us know what you’d like for us to do, and we’ll provide you with a free in-home estimate.

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