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Residential Storage Company

There are a ton of reasons to use long-term residential storage units (and not just when getting caught up during a move). For instance, maybe you’re planning to donate old furniture, but your current property lacks room to store it. Or perhaps you’d like to hold onto items you may need later, but are currently cluttering up your house.

One of the most common reasons for long-term storage—and with no surprise—is inconvenient timing during a move. We understand relocating to a new home or apartment doesn’t always follow a convenient schedule, and that little window of time between leaving the old location and arriving at the new one can be hectic. In a situation like this, you may find yourself with few options but to seek a residential storage facility; and while there’s seemingly an option on every block, you don’t want to trust your possessions with just anyone.

For example, some storage facilities are located in—how do we say this?—questionable locations. Additionally, most storage facilities provide no surveillance, nor do they offer other security features (and if they do, they’re limited). Other times, they’re so run down that even the physical environment itself poses a threat to your vulnerable belongings.

Element Moving & Storage completely understands these concerns. In fact, it’s precisely why our storage facilities are designed to address each and every one of them. Here’s what you can expect with the next generation is moving and storage:

Residential Storage Facility Located in Dallas, Texas

Element Moving & Storage is a growing company. Currently, we have offices in Dallas. We operate secure, state-of-the-art storage facilities in Dallas that offers more than 150,000 cubic feet of space. We’re well-equipped to take care of your furniture and personal possessions from now until moving day.

We Take Security Measures Seriously

Our storage facilities aren’t set up like a regular, public storage unit. Unlike them, Element Moving & Storage stores your belongings in secure, individual wooden vaults within our private warehouse. Additionally, our storage is equipped with 24-hour video surveillance and patrolled by local law enforcement—ensuring absolute security.

Because Element Moving & Storage facilities are private to us only, your items are guaranteed safe and secure. We never allow anyone to simply come in and go as they please—only our national background-checked personnel are allowed inside. To retrieve your items at any time, just let us know and one of our professionally-trained staff will be glad to help (the earlier the notice, the better).

We Inventory Absolutely Everything—as it Goes In and Out

We store your items in individual—and custom crates (upon request), ensuring optimum storage and handling. Additionally, our facilities offer options from climate-controlled to non-climate-controlled environments. Even in our non-climate controlled settings, we actively maintain and clean areas giving you peace of mind.

You make the call. We’ll make it happen.

Safe Storage Environments

Because we take the security of your belongings seriously (as we would our own), we’ve compiled a list of what we cannot store in our facilities, for your safety:

  • Plants or animals
  • Ammunition
  • Aerosols, gas, oils or butane, propane tanks
  • Paint, liquids, and cleaning supplies
  • Any alcohol
  • Open or perishable food
  • Anything flammable, combustible, or explosive

For any further information about restrictions and safety measures, contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

Flexible Scheduling

While you may not be able to control the timing of your move, we believe you should have all the time you need when storing your belongings in our secure environment. Just give us a heads-up when you need access, and we’ll go the extra mile to accommodate you. Don’t worry about a thing until it’s time to make the move. We got this.   In fact, when you sign up for our Furniture Receiving and Delivery service, our team will deliver, assemble and install all pieces of furniture required from your order kept in our storage facility.

Planning Support

During the moving process, the responsibilities stack up—quickly. They can cloud your judgment as you balance packing, moving day, and ongoing responsibilities. We’ve seen it play out over a thousand times, and that’s why we’re here—from the very beginning—not just to offer a place to keep your things, but to actually help you plan, organize, and move your items to our secure destination.

Reasonable Prices

At Element Moving & Storage, we offer boutique moving services for both individuals and companies preferring extra TLC (that goes for both our moving and storage services). That being said, making sure our services stay affordable is very important to us. After all, moving is stressful enough—and we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about paying too much for the level of service you’re receiving.

Our professional relocation specialists have perfected that balance between affordability and high-end service. How do they do this? By putting in the time to ask the right questions on the front end. By listening.

Our specialists clearly communicate what we do, and what your options are. From there, you know exactly what to expect.

Full Value Protection

The best part? You can have all these modern, cutting-edge storage amenities at an affordable monthly cost—with no deposits. Furthermore, we ensure your items to make sure nothing is lost, damaged, or stolen without reparations. We offer:

  • Standard protection: this ensures your load at around $0.60 per pound.
  • Full value protection (FVP): this allows you to preserve virtually the entire cost of your items. FVP makes your items eligible for replacement, repair, and even cash value.

For more information on insurance and coverage options, just reach out to us—one of our representatives is happy to help.

Quality Customer Service

Our ratings speak for themselves. Whether you’re on HomeAdvisor, Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, or the Better Business Bureau, you’ll see our past and existing customers saying pretty great things about us. Here are just a few examples:

They were fast and moved our stuff with care. Would hire again!”

Excellent movers, fast and efficient. Luis was very organized and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to friends and family.”

“These folks do a fantastic job and are a great value for the money. I could barely keep up with how fast they moved my stuff from my home to a storage facility. Very friendly and took the time to make sure all my items were where I wanted them.”

Read our testimonials and discover why our clients are raving about Element Moving & Storage.

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Whether you have a single item or a shipment needing twenty crates, our warehouse has you 100% covered. You make the call. We’ll make it happen. We specialize in providing the best storage services possible and take great care to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Residential storage is just one of the many services we provide at Element Moving & Storage. We wouldn’t do it if we couldn’t provide top-notch service, going above and beyond what you’d get anywhere else.

Contact us today for a free quote if you have any belongings needing temporary or long-term secure storage—we’re ready to help.

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