Pre-Moving Tips and Projects

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Tips, Uncategorized

Moving is one life experience that few people describe as “happy times” even if you are moving in the Dallas Metro Area.

Here are some suggestions of things to do before you move so your family will be ready when your belongings arrive.

Starting a project before you move in may seem counter productive but in the long haul it will save you time and money. We recommend that some projects are started prior to the move for example:  If you’ve purchased your new home with a countertop that doesn’t fit your style. Sooner or later you will want to replace the countertop thus disrupting your living arrangements. There is a quality of life equation that you can use to formulate whether or not that you want to deal with all the dust, destruction and workers while you are living at the new home. Many times it becomes a budget and time issue…consider all factors –  the  hassle and time if you wait to do a necessary project at a later date.

Additional projects that you may want to consider.

  • Have your home re-keyed…who knows who has keys to the house. Whether it is from the Realtor, last home owner, neighbors.  Have the keys redone. Security and Peace of Mind.

  • Do the closets fit your lifestyle? Can you start out being organized? Install some new closet systems that fit your needs. No matter when you choose to do it, professional installers can be in and out in a jiffy. If you want to save some money it may take slightly longer with a do-it-your self kit.

  • Have all your electrical checked if you need upgrades. Moving into an older home you may need to add electrical outlets throughout the home. While the newer homes are are meeting the modern tech demands the older homes often times need more outlets. Double check if the bathrooms and kitchens are GFI.  All of these projects can be easier to complete when your rooms are empty. The work can be completed without your having to move furniture or cover room accessories to protect them from drilling dust.

  • Build shelves in the garage to store your stuff so that you can use it as it was meant to be used… for your cars and home supplies.

  • Have everything painted that you want painted – again no furniture or rearranging of all your life belongings. Think of the time and hassel that you are saving.

These are 5 pre moving projects that we consider should be done prior to your next move. If you have any other questions regarding your next move please do not hesitate to call us or email us at