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Long Distance Movers in Dallas

Local moves have their advantages, but navigating a long-distance relocation requires a different approach. Element Moving & Storage is here to streamline your cross-country move. Our movers understand the unique challenges of long distance moves. Unlike staying local, you’re not juggling new surroundings with the ongoing tasks of your current life. However, the sheer distance introduces complexities.

That’s where Element comes in. Our experienced long-distance movers will work closely with you to ensure a smooth transition, from planning and packing to secure transportation and delivery at your new destination.

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Making the Cross Country Move from Dallas

The higher-end customers we serve expect more than just getting most of their things from point A to point B in one piece. They want to make sure every phase of the long-distance move goes off without a hitch.  To find out more about our long distance movers, call 📞 (972) 805-0988 now. 

For over a decade now, we’ve put meticulous detail into every job our long distance movers have handled. You receive the highest level of preparation, whether it’s packing services, loading, temporary storage and unpacking services.

A+ Rated Dallas Moving CompanyThe timing of your move-in day may not coordinate with the day you’re supposed to leave the old location. In these scenarios, it’s important to have a safe storage option that allows you the freedom to move at your convenience. Element Moving and Storage has a warehousing option to store your belongings during your long distance move until it’s time to deliver everything across the country at its new destination. From there, our movers handle the loading and delivery. You just tell us what you need, and we make it happen.

We’re also members of the Southwest Movers Association and well-versed in all Department of Transportation laws and regulations. This ensures a safer, faster delivery at the new destination.


Eliminating Surprises

Perhaps the most intimidating factor in a long-distance move is understanding what the cost of it is. Many movers intentionally structure their pricing in a confusing manner, designed to “maximize earnings.”

Other long distance movers have fees for mileage, shipping and handling, special items, unloading, and placement. In other words, they do everything they can to charge you as much money as possible.

At Element Moving and Storage, we believe in sorting everything out ahead of time and working with you to save costs. We want to offer the most affordable luxury moving service possible, without sacrificing quality. You’ll pay a rate directly correlated to the size of your move, and you’ll know exactly what it is before our trucks roll off the lot.


Unpacking and Installation Service

The stress of a long distance move only compounds when you have to worry about unloading the items you just picked up and transported across the country. While a lot of movers consider their jobs are done the moment they pull your stuff off the trailer, we won’t force you to handle the unloading and placement on your own. We’ll help you set up in your new location.

Our movers will take your boxes to their designated rooms, saving you from any unnecessary back-straining work. We’re able to do that because we can put in extra time properly conducting inventory, and labeling boxes. When you choose us, you won’t have to sleep on the floor for the first two weeks in your new home out of exhaustion.  Our movers also disassemble and reassemble furniture. 

We also offer an installation service to safely and securely hang your framed art, chandeliers, blinds, drapery, flat screen tv and whatever else you can think of that’s just slightly out of your reach! 


Do Not Put It All on Yourself

Long-distance moves are about more than the actual moving day. They’re also about establishing a new life in a new world. That takes time. Let our our long distance movers take off some of the stress. We offer flexible service and pricing options. You just tell us what you need and expect, and we’ll handle the rest. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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