Best Practices for Moving Antique Collections

Feb 16, 2021 | Local, Services

Antique furniture and older collections are the pride and joy of many homeowners in Dallas. It only makes sense that owners want to ensure that their valuables and heirlooms are preserved during the moving process.

You want your antiques to bring personality and life into your new home. So, whether you are moving long-distance or across town, it’s essential to specially prepare your items for the big day. After all, if antiques are damaged, you can’t just go out and buy a new one. Here are some of our best preparation tips to successfully move your antique collection.

Get Your Items Appraised

Before your move, you’ll want to know how much each item is worth. An appraisal performed by a professional will help you later on in the moving process when making decisions about insurance coverage and/or antique valuation.

We believe that one can never be too safe with their unique collections. That’s why we ensure that our team members are qualified to appraise your items for you. With us, there is no middle man, and the appraisal, insurance, and moving process become one smooth experience.

Always Document the Condition of Your Belongings

This can be done before a meeting with your appraiser or in the weeks before your moving date. Regardless, we can’t further stress the importance of taking detailed photos of your antiques and documenting the condition they are in before the move.

High quality, multi-angle, and numerous photographs of your belongings will serve as helpful documentation for insurance claims in the rare instance that an item is damaged during a move.

Consider Valuation Coverage

Insurance is great for covering general items in your move, but it only takes you so far when antiques and valuable collections enter the picture. Valuation coverage is something that Element Moving & Storage offers to our clients that protects their items leaps and bounds beyond discount mover’s insurance.

Where standard insurance protects items with limitations, valuation coverage is Federally regulated and guarantees that a moving company will take on the financial responsibility of covering damaged or broken items.

The total value of coverage depends on the level of service that a client opts into. Fortunately, the Element moving team offers a wide range of coverage options that can ensure any collection is rightfully insured during a move.

Clean Your Antiques Before Packing

Before you even think about packing up your antiques, you want to make sure that they leave your house clean and move-in ready. We suggest that you avoid any harsh chemicals and use a soft microfiber cloth to clear off any dust or debris before packing. Chemicals combined with packing techniques can become a stressor and permanently damage your antiques.

Also, if you have any larger pieces of antique furniture like chests or cabinets, please lighten the load for your moving team and clear out the interior of your antique. Not only does this make moving your furniture easier, but it also prevents any dings and dents that could occur as items shift during the move.

Hire a Professional Moving Company with Antique Experience

Finally, do not try to DIY your antique packing. Work with an experienced luxury moving company that specializes in antique packing and delivery.

A professional service adds an extra layer of safety to moving your valuables and also relieves a large amount of stress that many DIY movers face when they try to accomplish the process on their own.

Element Moving & Storage Preserves Your Antiques for Their New Home

If you and your family are preparing for a big move, make sure that you have experienced movers on your side. At Element Moving & Storage, we don’t cut corners or make mistakes that lead to damaged collections.

As luxury movers, we understand how important each item we relocate is to you. Trust us to properly preserve your antiques, wine collections, and general items as we welcome them into your new home.

Contact us today to learn more about our specialty moving services and calendar availability.