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Professional Moving & Storage

When you need to be out before you move in, store your things with our storage company in Dallas, TX!

It’s common for people to have to move from home before they’ve secured a new place to call “home,” For that reason, Element Moving and Storage is equipped to provide both moving and storage solutions for our customers. 

Whether you need residential storage or commercial storage trust us to help you find the adequate, climate-controlled, fully secure storage space you need to store your belongings until the time is right.

Protected Commercial StorageElement Moving Storage Warehouse

Commercial moves can be a lengthy process, and storage is something that’s often necessary. However, when you work with a storage company in Dallas, TX, you want to ensure that your industrial equipment and office furniture is well-protected. 

When it comes to protecting commercial storage items between moves, our secure storage facility can be an invaluable resource. 

Element Moving & Storage offers state-of-the-art security practices tht provide the peace of mind your team needs as you complete your final move.

Our storage facility also offers climate-controlled environment options, is equipped with high-quality security systems, and is physically monitored by a security team during peak operational hours.

We are dedicated to ensuring both you and your possessions will be well protected from potential harm while utilizing our storage facility. With a secure storage facility at your side, moving in Dallas has never been easier!

Storage for Residential Needs

When you move into a new home, it’s easy to underestimate just how much “stuff” you have to transfer between houses. 

Whether you need to find a place for your antique furniture, wine collection, or fine art pieces, our storage solutions offer a secure, reliable way to maintain the integrity of your belongings as you map out a permanent location for them in your life.

Element Goes Above and Beyond With Storage Services

Our attention to detail goes far beyond the competition regarding moving and storage companies. Many companies will only use generic methods for tagging your items, which can often lead to mixing and misplacing household items. However, we go a step further, and every one of your items that are in the care of Element for a moving and storage service is carefully tagged with your customer information to prevent any mix-ups.

Furniture Receiving and Delivery Services

When it comes to storing furniture and other large items, having the right receiving and delivery services can make all the difference. Our professional movers have the experience and expertise to ensure that your possessions are handled with care, from pick-up at your current residence to their safe arrival at our secure storage facility. 

Unlike moving your furniture into storage yourself, our services offer an extra layer of security by providing additional protection against damage while in transit. 

With us on your side, you can rest assured that your belongings will be safely transported between locations without any issues or delays. 

Our Security System Protects Your Household Goods

We know there are many movers with storage in DFW. Still, at Element, we utilize a system of moving storage containers in our storage warehouse to secure, protect and store your household goods. The competition will simply place your items in a non-partitioned warehouse which can often lead to a loss.

Our moving storage containers are under constant video surveillance and are located within our office facility.

With motion alarms, cameras, and full office staff during business hours, you will know that you have chosen the best of all DFW moving and storage companies.

Need Reliable Storage in Dallas?  

If you are need local storage before your upcoming move, you can’t go wrong by contacting Element Moving today. Of all the movers with storage in Texas, we have the highest customer satisfaction rating and the cleanest reputation.


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