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Auto transport services are commonly used by car collectors, long-distance buyers, and car dealers. However, just about anyone with a motor vehicle can benefit from our auto transport services, as they also offer a more personalized focus for a variety of reasons:

  • Conserving tire condition
  • Preserving mileage
  • Not needed to charge electric cars

Whether you’re going on an extended vacation or staging a permanent long distance move, our moving professionals have the knowledge and expertise to safely and efficiently transport your motor vehicles from point A to point B. At the end of it all, for whatever the reason, occasion, or distance, our experienced team has you 100% covered. Moreover, it does not matter how large or small the vehicle is—we can find a carrier for it.

Auto Transport Partner

While we handle all of our services in-house, our auto transport service comes with partnerships. Element Moving & Storage, LLC developed the right relationships over the years with the solidified, skilled professionals at All Things Mobile and can offer deeper, more competitive discounts through our third-party partner. Element Moving & Storage, LLC hands over auto transport assignments to All Things Mobile, who then conducts on our behalf. This partnership with our auto transport team makes it possible to move absolutely any automated vehicle, such as:v

  • Trucks and SUVs
  • Crossovers and Sedans
  • Coupes and Sports Cars
  • Convertibles and Luxury Vehicles
  • Diesel Engine Cars
  • Vans and Wagons
  • Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

As a side note, our partner All Things Mobile can also ship:

  • Boats
  • Planes
  • Trailers
  • Motorcycles
  • Anything with Wheels

Element Moving & Storage, LLC uses any shipment method: wedge trailers, flat beds, standard open haulers, or enclosed trailers. Some vehicles simply require different trailers, to correctly—and safely—ship them. Our method of shipment will vary depending on the vehicle’s value, size, and modification history of the vehicle. There are no limitations on what types of vehicles you can send with us.

Our Auto Transport Service is Different


Element Moving & Storage, LLC differs from other moving companies.

Unlike those guys, we take the honor of personally reaching out to the head of All Things Mobile—his name’s Chuck, by the way—and coordinate. From collecting pricing information for our clients to deciding where to meet, we keep all our services under one umbrella—the Element umbrella.

Although our partnership status defines All Things Mobile as a 3rd party service, the coordinators at Element Moving & Storage work with them directly, on the client’s behalf—even when it comes to scheduling.

It goes a little bit like this: first, Element Moving & Storage receives basic information from the client (such as the pick-up and delivery locations, zip codes, the year, make, and model of the vehicle… you get it), along with the exact date requested for the loading and moving. We hand that information over to Chuck Kerss, who then provides a fixed rate based on said information. Once that’s done, they ship the appropriate vehicle—which we work into our estimate.

Auto Transport Cost Approximations

When it comes to pricing, several factors weigh in. The total cost of auto transport shipping depends on important factors like the year, make, and model of the vehicle—this determines which trailer is required—along with the location of the destination. Additional factors may play into the pricing, such as difficulty of mobility. What we mean by that is the amount of effort, trepidation, or energy it takes to get from one place to the other may vary. For example, certain states have landmarks or mandates that make it more difficult to travel. Depending on the state and the difficulty of traveling, let’s say, down a narrow road on a high mountain side with no railing, the rate may adjust (we hope you understand).

First Things First

Cars must be prepared before moving, for safety. Car prep is simple; first, remove all the contents within the car. Any and all items MUST be removed, and the inside of the car must be empty. We also highly recommend removing all items and documents from each compartment. However, there are a few exceptions: you can pack a light case of clothes and linens in the trunk of the vehicle, if their total combined weight is less than 150 pounds. Once the vehicle is locked and loaded (literally… we lock all doors of the car after loading), our experts conduct a final inspection of the vehicle. This ensures the vehicle received no damage during the loading process (also, we document any pre-existing damages—just to be on the right page).

The Route

The driver takes a specific route based on the delivery locations of the cars on that trailer. This route is established before dispatching a trailer of vehicles to delivery. Once the route is established, the driver reaches out to each client—every one—and gives them realistic delivery ETAs and expectations, based on the route. All auto transportation drivers are legally required to follow the rules and regulations of driving, set forth by the Texas Department of Transportation.


When we move your vehicle, we make sure to do it right. An auto transportation expert with Element Moving & Storage, LLC loads and locks the car onto the trailer—which varies depending on the vehicle—with car locks, brackets, and protective straps. Additionally, we provide an insurance policy on every vehicle shipped through Chuck (so you can rest easy). Once we’ve arrived at the destination, the driver unloads the car and returns the keys. Finally, they will do one final inspection of the vehicle before closing the day.

Open Carriers

Open carriers are designed to efficiently carry multiple automated vehicles at a single time, and are transported open-air (hence the name). This is a great choice for your standard vehicle, like cars or trucks; in fact, many of our clients who are auto-dealers choose this option to help get all their inventory from point A to point B. It ensures fewer loads and demands less attention than other methods.

Closed Carriers

A closed carrier, also known as “enclosed,” can be used for the same purpose as an open carrier; however, closed carriers tend to be the preferred option for clients who are collectors, or clients with convertibles and soft tops. Of course, something you’ll want to keep in mind—especially when using this or any other method to transport an automobile of great value—is placement. Because we understand how important placement is when it comes to vehicles, Element Moving and Storage, LLC will work with you to ensure your vehicle is loaded in a way that makes it less susceptible to oil and fuel leaks from other automobiles sharing the transport space. As the next generation in moving and storage, we stay on top of any and every issue that may arise; and actively prevent it.

First-Level Carriers

Because of our partnership, we also allow for standard first-level transport; this option is great for boats or other autos with special equipment that might not go well with your traditional open and closed carriers. When it comes to special autos, we have a variety of different strategic approaches to ensure that each client and customer is 100% satisfied, and that each vehicle is safely loaded, unloaded, and delivered on schedule.

Whichever option you choose, you can count on Element Moving and Storage, LLC to get the job done on time, every time. Along with our competitive pricing and constant monitoring to ensure you know where and how your load is doing every step of the way, we’re the premier option for your auto transport.

As the next generation in moving and storage, no job is too small for Element Moving and Storage, LLC. We’re ready to handle all of your auto transport needs, whether you’re a business owner, a private citizen, a collector, or have any other purpose. Contact Element Moving and Storage, LLC today to learn more.

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