Furniture Receiving and Delivery

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Temporary Furniture Storage

Element Moving & Storage is Dallas’s go-to mover for all local and long-distance moves. However, moving isn’t the only way we help commercial and residential customers turn a building into a home.

One of our leading services is furniture receiving, temporary furniture storage and delivery. If you’re designing a new home, workspace or need someone to store your furniture as your new home is built, our furniture receiving and delivery can help you save time, money, and stress.

What is Furniture Receiving and Delivery Service?

We receive furniture for designers and homeowners awaiting new construction. In both cases, customers have a list of items they need purchased, stored, and delivered to a final destination. When the final location is not ready for the new furniture at the time of delivery, it gets shipped to our state-of-the-art Dallas warehouse for storage.

To ensure you don’t miss out on your dream pieces, Element Moving & Storage can receive your furniture deliveries, store them until your desired delivery date, then our movers deliver furniture to your home or office for final placement.

What Type of Furniture Can We Deliver?

Element Moving & Storage is prepared to receive any and all types of furniture orders. From beds to tables, desks, shelves, area rugs and sofas, our storage center has the capability to safely hold it all until you need it. Any item we store at our storage facility from your receiving order is guaranteed to be delivered to your home when you need it.

Why Choose Furniture Receiving and Delivery?

As with all moves, the Element team approaches every furniture receiving order from a customizable angle. Maybe you need certain pieces of furniture delivered before others? Or, you need to store your furniture until the final coat of paint has dried on the walls?

Whatever your needs, we are flexible. Movers tailor your furniture receiving and delivery process to make it as convenient and organized for you as possible.

Item Inspection

Upon request, our team can open and inspect the items you’ve ordered. This added inspection process ensures everything is up to your satisfaction level, and gives you the opportunity to make order changes or requests from a seller before you’ve caught an issue as you’re setting up your furniture in its new home.

Simplified Furniture Delivery Process

Essentially, our process eliminates the stress of unreliable furniture storage and delivery. Our storage space is heavily secured and fully insured. When you choose our temporary furniture storage and delivery, you’re guaranteed to receive every piece of your order.

Once you’re ready for final delivery, movers will deliver, assemble and install all pieces of furniture required from your order.

Get Your Delivery Process Started

If you invest in temporary furniture storage and delivery service, we make final delivery an easy process that requires minimal planning on your part.

Ideally, we ask for a one to two-week advance notice to deliver your order without a hitch. However, we realize that life can throw unexpected obstacles in your way. As such, we can accommodate emergency situations if the need arises. Our team is always flexible and easy to work with.

Schedule Temporary Furniture Storage and Delivery

If you know you’ll need a third party to hold onto your furniture orders until your new home or office is ready, make sure you work with the best moving and storage company in Dallas.

Element Moving & Storage has the experience you need to ensure your purchases arrive at their final destination intact, assembled, and ready for use.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services and schedule your next furniture delivery with our Dallas movers.

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