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Moving Fine Art Collections in Dallas

Most fine art collectors dislike moving their collection from one place to the other, and understandably so. We’ve come to find that this comes from the typical stereotype of the incompetent mover—basic, unlicensed, and careless. Trusting your household items with them can sometimes be a bother, much less a piece of fine art. The good news is that there’s a new generation in moving and storage; and they treat your timeless collections just as a seasoned artist would theirs.

Element Moving & Storage, LLC is professionally trained to handle a number of types of fine art, including:

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Architecture
  • Photography
  • Fine prints

Collections of fine art aren’t only sentimentally valuable, let’s be real here—they’re often worth a lot of money. Damage to a piece can be extremely expensive and irreversible, which completely explains why most artists and collectors dread typical movers. However, Element Moving & Storage, LLC doesn’t only value your art as much as you do; they’re professionally trained and experienced fine art handlers. In fact, the fine art moving experts at Element Moving & Storage, LLC understand the sheer value and delicacy of fine art just as the artists and collectors themselves do. They’re trained, insured, and experienced enough to understand there’s absolutely no margin for error.

Committed to Your Fine Art Collection

Our unrelenting commitment—and expertise—is why we’re the premier fine art mover of Dallas, Texas. We’ve had the privilege of moving large and priceless collections in and out of venues and residencies of both art lovers and private collectors.

Art collections when we unpack them are always worth the exact same when unpack. To paint a picture of just how seriously we take your valuable art, the average claims rate in the moving industry sits at around 10%—Element Moving & Storage, LLC, however, maintains a low rate of less than 1%. With us, you don’t have to take any chances.


Free In-Home Estimate

One thing you can always count on when working with Element Moving & Storage, LLC is our honesty; this is why we always suggest sending an expert—for free, of course—to where you are to conduct an estimate. If this isn’t possible, we’ll ask for some detailed photos of the item to best discern the proper care needed. This ensures the safety of the art piece, and allows us to exercise our best judgement when planning its move.

How we quote our services depends a number of elements—value, size, fragility, distance of the move, etc. We keep our prices competitive while using custom methods of transport for each piece of fine art.

What We Do

Before we move your fine art, we first determine the type of move whether it’s a long distance move or local move. Depending on the transport, a storage unit may be an ideal option—ventilated, of course. Oil paintings, for instance, require a climate-controlled environment for preservation.

Which brings us to the different types of art we handle. Before packing your delicate artwork, we first determine what materials or substances your art consists of, whether made of paint, glass, mettle, fabric, wood, or oil. After doing this, we’re able to determine how to properly transport your art.

Our Movers protect each piece of art by determining if a soft cardboard crate, hardwood crate, mettle crate, or basic padding will best preserve the piece when transporting it. Additionally, after determining the value of your art, one of our experts will sit down with you and discuss any additional insurance options, if necessary.

How We Move Fine Art

So get this: take a collection of fine art that consists mostly of carefully-crafted paintings. A mover who lacks the knowledge to move these items might use—hold your breath—regular paper as a safeguard! While they think they’re being careful, they actually damage the painting. However, Element Moving and Storage, LLC knows the indications and potential threats to your artwork; which is why we use special, acid-free paper to preserve your art as it was originally created.

That being said, we also use unique boxes for each individual piece of art. Additionally, we’ll transport your artwork via wood crate, soft cardboard crate, or mettle crate to ensure we’re taking every precaution needed to properly handle your artwork.

Because we’re specifically trained to handle fine art, our movers are able to handle a variety of special needs and materials, sizes, and values without changing it in any way. If the piece is particularly large, Element Moving  uses special equipment to adapt. Our art-moving professionals will determine if a pallet jack, crane, or scaffold tower is needed to most safely load your artwork. Additionally, because of the delicacy of fine art, we tend to load them on the truck last—and by hand, even—ensuring the safest possible handling.

The Next Generation in Moving and Storage

At Element Moving & Storage, LLC, we understand that fine art doesn’t only mean expensive, valuable pieces. In fact, a kindergarten art project (or macaroni collage) is just as valuable—if not more—than anything else in the eyes of their loved ones. We understand that very well, and treat any and every piece of art as if it were a multi-million dollar painting.

Element Moving & Storage doesn’t only have the best reputation in the area, but the most modern approach to moving. Contact us today and trust your valuables with the next generation in moving and storage.

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