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Wine Storage in Texas

A little fun fact: The oldest bottle of wine ever discovered was found in a Roman tomb, dating all the way back to 325–350 A.D.! It’s called the Speyer wine bottle (look it up!), and yes, it still contains (what is presumably) wine. However, we should mention that no one has actually checked for verification—whether or not to open it still remains a heated debate.<

Anyway, when it comes to wine, there’s just something about knowing its history that makes it all the more enticing. While it may seem unconventional, wine storage facilitation is a service Element Moving & Storage, LLC specializes in, because we truly love wine.

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Experienced in Storing Fine Wine

Storing wine properly takes much more than a conventional storage unit; it requires climate control, precise temperatures, and proper positioning. Element Moving & Storage has the materials—and knowledge—necessary for handling any wine lover’s collection. Each bottle we handle is carefully and skillfully packed into specialty boxes and crating, handled only by wine-moving professionals.

When it comes to moving locally—or even across the state—one may not think about a particular service as this. However, we’ve been around long enough to know there’s absolutely a need for trusted, reliable wine movers (and storage) for anyone owning a bottle.

Here’s what you need to know before trusting us with your wine collection:

Preserving Integrity of Wine

It may be hard to fathom (especially when used to the good ‘ol $9 bottles), but some wine bottles cost more than a foreign car—or even a new home! Element Moving & Storage, LLC has the experience necessary to handle any bottle, whether a trusty Whole Foods bottle or a shipment insured for up to $1 million dollars (we must say, that particular owner knew the difference between common and vintage stock).

Avid wine lovers have a sophisticated palate and can isolate different notes of taste hiding throughout different bottles. In other words, our wine customers are serious about their wine—and we are too.

Element Moving & Storage, LLC understands the need for special packing and crating when preserving the integrity of a wine collection. Professional handling alone is so important when moving and storing wine, that are less than 1% claims ratio (when the average is 10%) should tell you exactly why more people—and wine lovers—trust their belongings with us than any other company.

What to Expect with Our Wine Storage

If you’re moving a long distance away (or the destination isn’t quite ready), climate-controlled moving and storing is absolutely necessary. When we handle a shipment of wine, we start by creating an inventory of the entire collection, including each bottle’s details:

  • The year
  • Type of wine
  • Winery

Recording each bottle’s information ensures optimal wine security, and makes sure everything accounts in our records. Additionally, it serves the purpose of allowing for easier access, should you need to retrieve or replace anything after storing; Element Moving & Storage, LLC protects your wine as we would our own, and that’s why we require scheduled access to and from your wine storage unit.

Our wine storage facilities hold collections for indefinite periods of time.

Our inventory lists exactly where each bottle is, so you can rest easy knowing your wine is positioned exactly where they need to be—and in the proper climate. Our wine-moving professionals lay corked bottles on their side, ensuring the cork is in constant contact with the wine. If a cork dries out, it shrinks and allows oxygen inside, oxidizing the bottle. By laying it on its side, the cork inside the bottle remains hydrated—and expanded.

Full Value Protection Coverage

Thanks to the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT), it’s required for moving companies to offer standard liability coverage; and for many (if not most) companies, that’s enough. However, we can’t help but notice this oftentimes results in stagnant levels of work—and concern for your belongings. Element Moving and Storage, LLC refuses to do anything halfway; something you’ll learn quickly with us. No—the next generation in moving and storage goes to the next level when protecting your goods.

While basic liability is great, we believe you deserve more.

That’s why we partner with a respected third-party provider to offer
full valuation protection (FVP).  Basic coverage insures your load at around 60 cents per pound, but many argue that isn’t enough. Instead, FVP allows you to preserve virtually the entire cost of your items and makes them eligible for replacement or repair—and even cash. Additionally, we offer multiple different plans, so you can choose your own deductible.

Of course, we get it; some moves may not necessarily require FVP. This is why we offer individualized insurance policy protection to best suit your unique move (in case there’s just that one bottle you want to insure).

Whichever you decide, we use our exceptional third-party relationships to ensure you have the protection you want—and need.

Wine Storage for Single Bottle or Wine Collection

Whether you have a single bottle or thousands of them, our wine storage facilities are exactly what you need. It’s a niche we love to serve—almost as much as we love wine. Our wine-handling services and storage rank highly on distinguished watchdog sites like Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. We’ve held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for consecutive years, and our storage services are just as praised as our moving services.

If you have a valuable wine collection, don’t trust it with just any wine storage facility. Choose a storage company that values your wine as much as you do; who are professionally trained—and insured—to handle your precious cargo. If you have an upcoming move, contact us today.

Let Element Moving & Storage, LLC handle your wine the right way.  

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