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Commercial Warehouse Storage

Every business experiences moves, expansions, and temporary closures for renovations—or improvements—over time. These are often signs of growing pains; those of which you’re destined to emerge a stronger, more successful company.

However, we understand that it doesn’t make your immediate reality any easier. You must somehow find a way to limit downtime, continue providing basic services to your clients and customers, and figure out a way to set up the new location so you can get back to business—ASAP.

Element Moving & Storage, LLC has a decade of experience helping varieties of small businesses deal with their unique commercial storage needs. Our goal is to provide ongoing support—and transitional help—for as long as you need it. Here’s what you can expect from our company; from how we’re able, to what items you can store at our facilities.

Your Commercial Storage Requirements

When you’re ready to use our commercial storage warehouse, the first thing we do is send someone to your location—free of charge—to assess the quantity and nature of the materials. We also ask about specific requirements and storage preferences, to best suit you; some examples are:

  • Do you require special packing?
  • Will you need any certain items in climate control?
  • How long will you need storage for?

After a careful back-and-forth, we’re able to understand your unique situation and materials. We are the next generation in moving and storage not only for our advanced equipment and training but for our unique, custom approach to each and every client.

After we gather the information we need, we provide you with a hard quote so you know exactly what to expect—and how much to budget for it. When it comes to the rest, we’ve got it handled.

Customizable Storage Capacity

In addition to our offices in Dallas, we keep hundreds of thousands of cubic feet in storage space at our Dallas warehouse—which handles almost any request. This is a state-of-the-art, ventilated facility that provides both our residential and commercial customers with storage options from climate-controlled, to non-climate.

When it comes to office furniture and equipment, we keep them stored in specific storage conditions—with a full surveillance system. Additionally, our security measures restrict access to only specific, qualified personnel; nobody can access our facilities unless they work for our company. This provides an extra layer of security as you work through the logistics of your move, expansion, or renovation. Speaking of security…

Advanced Storage Security

Because of our advanced storage security, we do not allow open, unrestricted access. Element Moving & Storage, LLC protects your items as we would our own, and that’s why we require scheduled access to and from your storage unit—for restricted personnel. However, we still want you to access your items with ease; which is why a phone call is all we need.

Our warehouse hours are from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Every time our storage manager goes in and out of your unit, they check inventory—constantly making sure everything is where they need to be. Our advanced storage units are monitored 24/7 with state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, which include alarms. Additionally, our warehouse is patrolled by local law enforcement, ensuring the maximum safety of your belongings.

Full Value Protection

Acord insurance at Element Moving & Storage

The Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) made it a requirement for moving companies to offer standard liability coverage; and for many—if not most—movers, basic coverage is enough. However, Element Moving & Storage, LLC refuses to do anything halfway; something you’ll learn quickly with us. As the next generation in moving and storage, we take it to another level when protecting your goods.

While basic liability is good, you deserve more. That’s why we partner with a respected third-party provider to offer full value protection (FVP). While basic coverage insures your belongings at around 60 cents per pound, FVP preserves virtually the entire cost of your valuables, making them eligible for replacement or repair—even cash. Additionally, we offer multiple plans so you can choose your own deductible.

Of course, we understand that some moves may not necessarily require FVP. That’s why we offer unique, individualized policies to best suit your move. Whichever you decide, our exceptional third-party relationships ensure you have the protection you want and need.

File Storage

Here’s one situation you’re likely to find yourself in: needing virtual office mobility. However, working virtually can create problems, particularly when it comes to filing access and retrieval. Enter: Element Moving & Storage.

Not only are we equipped to handle furniture and equipment, but we also provide safe, secure storage facilities for important files and documents. We gladly inventory and pull access to the files you need—as they arise. Just give us 24-48 hours of advanced notice, and we’ll have everything ready for you.

Old Inventory Storage

Outdated inventory and assets can get in the way of the needs of your business, whether you’re moving or not. That’s why we offer another option for our clients: storage for materials that outlived their usefulness (that you can’t just necessarily “get rid of” at a moment’s notice). A common example of old inventory? Electronics.

We get that you can’t just toss out complex electronics the way you would a bag of trash, per se. Besides, you may not even want to—for example, electronics can be donated in advance of tax season instead.

Storing your materials until you can figure out the best course of action is always a good idea; it’s one Element Moving & Storage is glad to assist with.

Storage for Trade Show Materials and Promotional Items

Trade shows are absolutely invaluable for getting your name out there. Not only that, but they forge relationships—and knowledge—which takes your business to the next level.

However, they do require a physical footprint of which your everyday workspace may not be equipped to handle. Rather than letting it get in the way, consider turning these materials over to us—we ensure safe storage and easy access.

We are experts in providing reliable trade show moving and storage services.

Anything Else? Just Ask!

Over the years, we’ve served as caretakers to a wealth of valuable materials. We always take care of your things as if they were our things. Also, don’t think that if we failed to mention it, it’s off-limits. We’re happy to work with you, whether you’re a small business or a large corporation; and we’ll always safeguard your most important assets and information.

Element Moving & Storage, LLC stores everything you need for your business, as well as the materials you don’t immediately need (that may prove useful down the road). Just let us know what your needs are; you can drop by any of our locations throughout the state, or contact us today to get the ball rolling on a free quote. We look forward to hearing from you!


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