Giving Back

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Contributing to the Greater Good

Not too long after Elle Nescher opened her moving company in Dallas, Texas, the Element Gives Back initiative began. We realized from the beginning that a great company does not grow in a vacuum of its own.

It needs to be part of something bigger than itself, and it needs to make contributions toward that greater good.

Throughout the Dallas community of which we’re fortunate to call ourselves members, we know that quality of character is of the highest importance. Unless there are people and businesses like ours to contribute to the community, it cannot survive.

Here are just a few of the causes and organizations we support to make Dallas a lifestyle destination, with giving spirits and genuine empathy for people.

Charitable Donations

Element Moving and Storage is a proud donor of the annual Marine Corps Ball. We also gladly donate shoes to kids who need them. But that’s not the only way we’re able to make a difference.

Handling thousands of moving jobs each year, we very often come across people who are looking to downsize or replace their belongings. These items often include furniture, equipment, and other household appliances. A lot of times, these materials are in perfectly good condition; they just need to be connected to the right home, at the right time.

We are proud to offer our services to make this connection a reality. We do so by moving products to organizations that can find those people or families who need them the most.

We’ve worked with a number of clients looking to purge their household inventory, along with “empty nesters” wanting to reset their entire home’s space (perhaps after the kids are out of the house). Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re wanting to donate to some of the charities we support:

Focus on resellable items. If it’s too worn or damaged, consider recycling it for another. Also, some things are past their useful life or are not appropriate for donation purposes. Think tube televisions or used mattresses. Bottom line is, donate what is still in good condition.

Support of Non-Profit Organizations

Habitat for Humanity

While global in nature, Habitat for Humanity improves the lives of Texans by helping them find and establish a decent place to live — something we believe everyone has a right to experience.

The Jewish Family Service of Greater Dallas

JFS turns no one away, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or ability to pay. Their core purpose is providing mental health and social services. A significant part of that is about making sure families and individuals have the comfort and necessities to lead dignified lives.

Dallas Life

Our team delivered truckloads of furniture to Dallas Life, a place that provides food, clothing, shelter, and recovery programs to homeless individuals in need.

Reduced-Cost Moving Services

We work with a variety of charities throughout Dallas and Austin. Among them, serving thousands in need. Unfortunately, some of these organizations have limited available resources. Element Moving and Storage believes that shouldn’t be an obstacle to helping others. Because of that, we use our strengths to bridge whatever gaps we can for these organizations; our reduced-cost moving services are an example of this effort. We work with many worthy causes throughout the region, and offer lower costs and flexible payment options whenever possible.

One of these organizations is the Community Enrichment Center. For thirty years, they sought to end the cycle of poverty and domestic violence that follows far too many in our great state.

Additionally, we’ve forged a relationship with Families to Freedom. They help victims of domestic violence often women and children escape from dangerous environments and get to safe, secure new locations. 

We store vital materials with FTF, such as suitcases and car seats, so they can help vulnerable victims of domestic violence have all their necessities at a moment’s notice.

Feeding the Hungry

Two other important organizations to the Element Gives Back initiative is Move for Hunger and Minnie’s Food Pantry. With Move for Hunger, we collect non-perishable food items and deliver them to local food banks. Through Minnie’s Food Pantry, we’ve used our delivery services to help them provide emergency meals to families and children throughout the Plano area. Together, these organizations have served millions of meals—and we’re always honored to contribute to their continued success.

In addition, we take shipments of food donations to locations where they are needed, especially in times of crisis. We brought food and supplies to Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and we continue to bring food donations to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout Dallas and Austin, TX.

The World We Want to Live In

The responsibility of any great business should be about creating the world in which you want to live. We’re doing just that through the Element Gives Back initiative, and we’re always looking for new partnerships to contribute to.

If you would like to get involved with Element Gives Back, or to support any of the organizations listed here, we want to hear from you.  

Contact us at any time about the causes and organizations making Dallas and Austin better. We’ll do whatever we can within our talents and resources to help.

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