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Climate Controlled Storage for Fine Art

First-time customers see the name of our company and focus on the relocation part of our business. While we are a top-tier boutique moving agency that caters to high-end customers with refined tastes, we also offer some unexpected services—ones that appeal to the finer things in life.

Our climate-controlled fine art storage in Dallas, Texas is one such example. We regularly handle and offer storage services to fine art collectors because they understand that we get it. We know how to treat their investments while they’re in our care, and we know that they are investments in more ways than one.

Fine Art Appreciation

Fine art appreciates in two ways—monetarily and intrinsically. The first depends, in part, on circumstance. And by that, we mean the circumstance of its creator. Who are they? How popular is their body of work with the general public and/or in refined art circles? Are they living or dead? There’s also the actual appraisal and the question of insurance. All these factors can drive up or are indicative of the value of a painting or sculpture. The second appreciation factor is the intrinsic value. In other words, what it means to the owner of the piece. The emotional connections they’ve made to it. The functions they use it for.

No matter which angle you’re coming from—one or both—these works of art hold deep meaning for those who purchased them, and we take that very seriously when someone asks us to put their fine art into specialized storage. To give you an idea of how serious we take it, here are some of the things you can expect from us if you decide to contract for this service.

Fine Art Wood Crating

To properly store fine art, wood crating is recommended. Understandably, some collectors prefer to do this part of the storage themselves. However, we have the training, knowledge, and experience to take this on. In fact, more often than not, it’s the best approach.

See, while DIYers may be able to crate the art well, they tend to lose track of the exact placement inside the box when it’s time to uncrate. One misdirected hammer swipe and your painting can go from priceless to worthless in a second.

At Element Moving and Storage, our personnel routinely handles multiple pieces—collecting, packing, delivering—and our claims ratio is almost perfect as it is less than one percent. Fine art storage stands out as one of the things we do particularly well.

Acid-Free Packing Paper

One recommendation for fine art storage that newbie collectors often overlook is this. Acid-free paper is essential to preserving the integrity of the collection and will guard against degradation over time. As a work of art sits in storage, it can become more susceptible to environmental damages; acid-free paper offers a durable layer of protection no matter the storage space.

Start-to-Finish Art Installation

Fine Art Moving Dallas and Austin

Our optional start-to-finish installations relieve the stress of moving a valuable painting or sculpture at the risk of damage. When we say “start-to-finish,” here’s what we mean:

It goes beyond simple storage.

If you have a piece you need storing away, we can come out to the location, carefully remove it, outfit it with acid-free paper upon request, and crate it up for delivery. It can go into our Dallas warehouse. However, you don’t want to keep it in storage for a prolonged period of time, so when you’re ready to reinstall at a new location, just let us know.

We’ll take it off the crate, hang it in your office/home, or set it up at the exact placement you want it. It’s a one-stop-shop in the truest sense of the term.  Read more about our picture hanging services here. 

From Hobby Art to Museum Art Collections  

While the majority of our fine art clients are prolific collectors, we’re open to anyone and everyone who has a taste for it. Whether a busy executive, a hobbyist, or for a full-scale art museum. We want to handle the moving and storage for you. Beyond that, we are happy to share tips and advice on how you should treat your collection when it’s out of our hands.

No Task Is Too Much for Us

Our fine art storage service overlaps with some of the other staging and disassemblies that we do. As easily as we can hang a painting, we can hang a television set. We can break down trampolines and other unusual furnishings and equipment. We are here to help, whatever your request, regardless of scope and size.

If you have a fine art collection, rare books or comics, memorabilia, or any other item that requires special storage considerations, contact us today to discuss your requests and get a free quote. We have a team of qualified relocation specialists ready to meet, discuss, evaluate, and provide an accurate quote with no last-day surprises. Give us a try!

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