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Piano Movers in Dallas, TX

When it comes to moving a piano, there’s a lot more knowledge—and skill—required than expected. While those other movers might simply wrap the piano and hoist it up with an unlicensed buddy (😮yikes!), the professionals at Element Moving & Storage, LLC are specifically trained to move pianos—a skill we’ve perfected with experience.

Whether a spinner, upright, baby grand or full grand, Element Moving & Storage, LLC understands pianos are precious antique instruments that you’ll want to protect and preserve from one generation to the next. This appreciation is evident in the way we handle them when moving—a method only Element Moving & Storage, LLC does.

Our Piano Mover’s Process

Our piano moving method sets us apart from other movers in terms of safety and efficiency, and our claims rate reflects that. Element Moving & Storage, LLC is proud to hold the lowest claims rate in the moving industry, with a less than one percent rate. Here’s a little on how we prepare your piano:

  • Stabilize the keys
  • Remove the legs
  • Remove the piano lid (for grands and baby grands)
  • Secure to a custom crate

Element Moving & Storage, LLC takes further protective measures that the other movers simply don’t. For instance, every wood and cardboard crate is custom made for each individual piano—every time—ensuring maximum efficiency and security. Additionally, we always make sure at least three to four men are moving a piano at a time—any less is risky business.

Element Piano Movers Do More

Once we’ve stabilized the keys and removed the necessary legs, we continue protecting the piano with pads and cardboard—all the way around—before gently laying the piano flat on its side. Doing this maximizes stability, and protects the piano by eliminating all potential for movement—or kinetic energy.

After we’ve stabilized the piano, we place the legs safely over it and wrap with moving pads specific to pianos. Additionally, Element Moving & Storage, LLC labels and keeps track of each piano leg to ensure they’re all replaced correctly—and returned to their original position.

Once we secure the piano to the piano board, we place it on a four-wheel dolly with at least two men (depending entirely on the piano) navigating it. Once in the truck, we secure the piano along a wall—fully strapped—in a way that prevents any possibility for movement. If the transport is long distance or international, we’ll opt for a hardwood crate; Element Moving & Storage, LLC takes every option, measure, and precaution necessary for each unique piano move.


Piano Protection Every Step of the Way

Your basic, typical moving company has only one goal in mind: get your items from point A to point B. Not only do they dismiss the extra time and effort required to really address the common concerns during a piano move, but most of the time they’re not even licensed, insured, or trained. Nope—for them, it’s just about getting the job done.

Element Moving and Storage, LLC analyzes the entire move—from the dimensions of the piano to the space we’re using during transport, to its exact positioning at the final destination. Additionally, we take into consideration the distance of transport, and adjust; unlike the other moving companies, Element Moving & Storage, LLC does the following: 

  • Pad-wrapping for extra security on the road and in the truck
  • Leg removal
  • Custom box creation around the dimensions of the piano itself
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Usage of a piano board for easier transport and stability

These are just a few of the steps we’ll take for every piano we handle, and we know that each and everyone is special. By being the next generation in moving and storage, Element Moving and Storage, LLC has the skill, knowledge, and experience required to make sure your piano is well taken care of during the entire process.

Piano Breakdown and Reconstruction

Deconstruction and reconstruction is a unique feature we offer as the next generation in moving and storage in order to fully maximize safety and efficiency. For some pianos, they’re not only too difficult to move as a whole but dangerous; not to mention the environmental obstacles that may also add to the headache. In these cases, we’ll take the time to carefully remove legs and/or other removable pieces in order to reduce the likelihood of a bump or scratch during the move.

When we arrive at the point of delivery, we’ll bring the piano inside and position it as desired before reconstructing it again. The breakdown and reconstruction process not only ensures the safety and efficiency of moving your piano but makes navigating turns and corners much easier—eliminating the risk of scuffing or damage.

Play Piano Again with Element Moving & Storage, LLC

We don’t work for just satisfactory results, we strive for next-generation results. Hundreds of Americans have trusted us with their pianos—each with a unique story and family history—and we are proud to continue serving them.

Not sure what you need? Call Element Moving & Storage, LLC and ask for a free estimate. We’ll send a professional to visually estimate your piano and give you a personalized quote. With this complimentary service, you also receive professional moving advice from us, helping to paint the full picture.

Find out why Element Moving & Storage, LLC has the best reviews in Texas—and the lowest claims rate in the industry—for yourself. Contact us at one of our offices today and schedule a free personal estimate.


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