5 Tips for Moving Precious Art

May 1, 2022 | Tips

Sometimes moving involves more than cardboard boxes and furniture. Sometimes you need to move precious pieces of artwork. Whether they’re worth millions of dollars, or simply hold priceless sentimental value, it won’t do to have careless, inexperienced workers treating them roughly. Some fine artwork is quite heavy or oddly shaped. Much of it is fragile, and most is irreplaceable. When moving day arrives, you need to know that your art is being handled by seasoned professionals who specialize in moving precious objects.

At Element Moving and Storage, we enjoy the challenge of moving fine art. Over the years, we have perfected the way we handle artwork and antiques. We always deliver your items on time and unharmed because we not only pack them using the finest materials available, we will even sit with your art during transit to make sure it arrives safely.

How to Move Fine Art

Whether you choose to move your artwork yourself or hand off the job to a pro, there are some precautions you can take to make the move as stress-free as possible.

Know Its Dimensions

Precious art comes in all shapes and sizes, from small items of pottery to massive painting canvases. Measure your artwork before packing to make sure you have enough material to protect it completely. If your items are heavy, make sure you have enough help to hoist it into the moving truck without dropping it or banging it against a wall.

Pack to Protect

When you’re wrapping precious art for transport, padding is key. Use several layers of plastic wrap and a shock-absorbing packing material of your choice, like squares of Styrofoam, packing peanuts, or crumpled up newspaper. Tape the packing material around any long, thin protrusions or fragile edges. Place the object in a box that doesn’t leave much room for it to shift around. If the object is large and easily breakable, consider using a wooden crate to protect it.

Get It Insured

While you can never replace a beloved item like a family heirloom or ancestral portrait, you can recoup some of the price of valuable artwork by insuring it against damage. There are insurance companies that specialize in artwork relocation insurance. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the loss of your fine art if it is stolen from the moving truck or destroyed in an accident. Check with your moving company to see what kind of insurance and guarantees they offer.

Keep It in Storage

Sometimes it’s impossible to arrange the dates of your move in a convenient way. You might lose access to your old space before your new one becomes available. In this case, look for a moving company that also provides storage. At Element Moving and Storage, we provide secure, climate-controlled storage for your valuable items. You can leave them with us, then have us deliver them to your new home whenever you’re ready.

Hire a Professional

It’s always easier – and often safer – to trust your belongings to a professional moving company. Our team specializes in hard-to-move items, items of odd shapes and sizes, and valuable art. We do whatever it takes to ensure that your items are transported, delivered, and unpacked without harm. We’ll even help you set up your artwork or antiques once they’re unloaded. Every member of our crew is willing to go the extra mile to make your move a wonderful experience!

Element Moving and Storage: No Move is Too Big or Too Small

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