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Eco-Friendly Crates

Over the years we’ve come to realize that sometimes—and for a variety of reasons—an object can defy regular transport methods. There are certain items that can’t just be wrapped, packed, and ready to go—without first taking certain precautions. Although mindful packing, stacking, and delivery can be effective, there are always special items and valuables that absolutely cannot fit into any cookie-cutter hole—alas, certain items call for specialty crating.

At Element Moving & Storage, LLC, we’ve made specialty crating one of our premium features. For our clients who do have that special something that goes against the grain, we customize the perfect crate for it; anything to ensure its safety and security during every mile.

Additionally, we offer eco-friendly plastic crates upon request. By utilizing reusable crates, we have dramatically reduced the waste that may be produced by using non-reusable materials. Our Eco-Friendly Moving Crates are produced from recycled materials because we understand that we must reduce our reliance on plastic products. Rubber and other oil based products are becoming more difficult to produce from scratch, and there is no need to create something new and wasteful, when we can reuse and recycle.

How do you know if specialty crating services are right for you? Here’s a quick and helpful guideto specialty crating services:

Crating Experts Determine the Uniqueness

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Our seasoned staff first takes a look at your belongings to analyze each item’s uniqueness, determining whether or not specialty crating is necessary. Typically, we offer this service for the following common items:

  • Antique mirrors
  • Antique or handmade furniture that cannot be easily replaced
  • Fine art of any kind (paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, etc.)
  • Wine collections
  • Special electronic equipment

Essentially, the rarer (or more environmentally-prone) your item is, the more likely it benefits from our specialty crating service. Or, let’s put it this way: if you’re worried about moving it down the hallway, chances are you’ll benefit tremendously.

One of the many things that set us apart from other moving companies is our customizable approach and materials. Unlike the basic mover, our trained professionals take active steps towards ensuring every single one of your items is accounted for and packed safely. This means we’ll build a custom crate just for that item, including all their necessary conditions—on-site, if we have to.

We won’t allow for any valuables to be half-cared for, nor neglect their special needs, while Element Moving & Storage, LLC is on your side.


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Find a Perfect Crate for Your Goods

What this means is if you have a special oil painting, for instance, we’ll create a custom crate with an interior lining of acid-free paper for its move. Have irreplaceable antiques or unique bottles of wine? We have just the right specialty crating and packaging for those, as well. When you choose Element Moving & Storage, LLC, we ensure each item is properly cared for throughout the entire move—with constant 360° professional monitoring each step of the way.

Another benefit of our specialty crating service is our ability to customize a crate for objects of virtually any size—and material. Once we get the call, we’ll prepare a custom crate in our warehouse made specifically for your items; and if we need to, we’ll build one on-site just to make sure it’s perfect. Our specialty crates vary in material depending on the item(s), but they consist mostly of:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Plastic
  • Foam
  • Cardboard

Before we do anything, our moving professionals first make sure they know what they’re working with. That’s why we gather your items’ information prior to the move in order to make a proper assessment—and the proper materials. If need be, we’ll even send a moving professional to you free of charge to check them out in person. Either way, we’ve got everything necessary for your specialty crating needs; including storage space in our ventilated warehouse.

When Items are Irreplaceable

We understand moving can be an expensive ordeal; this is especially true when dealing with large items, fragile appliances, antiques, heirlooms needing TLC, or really anything that could use specialty crating. In fact, that’s why we strive to maintain competitive pricing; and we’re pleased to maintain quality with affordability. With specialized, professional handling, our company has an average claims rate of less than one percent—when the average is ten percent.

More importantly, our moving services ensure that your valuables—which we know are priceless—are only cared for by trained professionals with experience. We treat and handle your belongings as if they were ours, and we know just who we’d want to trust our stuff with.

Choose the Crating and Packing Experts

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Whether you’re interested in crating services or aren’t sure if it’s right for you, our moving experts are ready to help you decide. For personalized assistance going over our services, simply give us a call today. We’ll even send a professional to you and conduct an honest assessment, and determine whether or not specialty crating is for you. We’ll give you our full list of pros, cons, challenges, and observations.

At Element Moving & Storage, LLC, we have two priorities:

  1. Our clients’ satisfaction
  2. Keeping our claims rate the lowest in the business

Being true to these priorities means we’ll never suggest a service you don’t need or a plan you can do without. Element Moving & Storage, LLC makes sure that moving forward, you’re completely satisfied with our services—and more importantly, happy you worked with us. With Element Moving & Storage, LLC, you can trust we’ll give you straight answers and honest suggestions when guiding you through your move.

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Crating Moving Services

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