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Trade Show Moving

Trade shows are excellent sources of making your product and company known to the world. They can generate revenue, help you establish and nurture valuable connections, and just be a whole lot of fun to attend. But for exhibitors, they come with an added stress. 

The stress part comes from being able to ensure all your materials arrive and depart on-time. This keeps you from running into unnecessary expenses, and it ensures you have something to show off when the actual event begins. 

At Element Moving, we have many years of experience working for trade show exhibitors. And we’ve also been there and done it ourselves. Here’s what you can expect from our trade show moving services should your business have the need. 

Fast Action

Trade shows are built around deadlines. First of all, they’re held on a certain day and at a certain time. Secondly, the building or location is only available for a small window of time. That means you’ve got to be a servant of the clock when it comes to setting up and breaking down. 

At Element Moving, we know how vital this part of the trade show circuit is. That’s why we’re there as early as possible to help with setup and why we spare no minute after the event is over getting your things back out to the truck and on their way. 

Convenient Storage

As much as we love the Dallas area, the world doesn’t revolve around it. And neither do trade shows. New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago — there are relevant shows all over the US that you’ll want to be a part of. Moving your stuff back-and-forth to each location from the DFW Metroplex consumes unnecessary time and resources and drives costs through the roof. 

At Element Moving, we realized this obstacle and planned ahead. That’s why we have several storage points across the country for safekeeping of your materials so you can access them always-on-time and at a fraction of the moving costs. 

We Can Handle Every Need

Lastly, Element Moving doesn’t cater to one type of industry in particular. We can help with your trade show moving and storage needs whether you’re in the furniture, technology, electronics, manufacturing, or “other.” 

You just tell us what you need, and we will make it happen with on-time service and the best claims rate in the business (less than one percent across the board). So don’t trust your trade show materials to anyone else. Contact us today to learn more. We are eager to help you and your company in any way we can. 

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