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Protecting Your Goods

Protecting Your Goods

Until you’re settled in your new home or business location, nightmare scenarios will flash before your eyes from time to time. One of the most common is a moving company crashing and destroying all your stuff. Another is that some highly valuable item gets damaged during transport. 

The Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) realized a long time ago consumers needed some form of basic protection in the event that one of these nightmare scenarios plays out. That’s why they instituted a standard liability coverage requirement that each moving company must provide to their customers. 

But as you get to know Element Moving, you’ll learn we’re a company that refuses to do anything halfway. That includes protecting your goods. 

How We Go the Extra Mile

Element Moving is more than happy to provide the basic standard liability coverage, but we believe our customers deserve more. That’s why we’ve partnered with a respected third-party provider to offer full valuation protection (FVP). Here’s how it works. 

Standard coverage insures your load at around 60 cents per pound. This doesn’t translate to very much coverage, and it doesn’t account for the value hidden in many of your lighter-weighted possessions. It’s something, but it’s not enough. 

The Full Value Difference

FVP, on the other hand, allows you to preserve pretty much the entire cost of your belongings should the worst happen. With this offering, your items are protected by the company for a replacement, repair, or cash value. You’ll have deductible options that you can choose from. After the deductible has been met, our partners do the rest. 

What you’re essentially doing is shifting more of the risk to us so you can have additional peace of mind in the shadow of moving day. Stipulations for qualifying for this plan include but may not be limited to specialty crating on some items and selecting the full packing option. 

Of course, some customers may not feel they have enough for full value protection to be worth their while, and that’s okay. If you need help insuring single items, our expert movers have seen and moved it all, and they can help guide you toward insurance policy protections you may wish to consider. Whatever you decide, we’ll use the healthy third-party relationships we’ve built up over the years to make sure you have the protection you want and need. 

Protect What’s Yours

We know this is a decision you’ll have to consider along with the budget, but we’re happy to work with you to determine a final quote that includes full value protection. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect cost-wise and exactly what your protections are all before packing the first item. Contact us today for more information or to get a free quote. 

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