How to Pack Books for Moving

Jul 27, 2022 | Moving Tips, Packing Services

Moving your Books

We get it.  You LOVE your books, even if the same titles are available as eBooks on Amazon.  There is something so special about the smell and the texture of the pages that you can’t bear to live without.  So, they’re coming with you in your move even if they weigh a ton.   Thing is, you must take special precautions to protect your beloved books during a move. Follow these easy steps to help get your books ready, regardless if it is a long-distance or local move.

Thin Out Your Book CollectionBook Shelves

Take one shelf of the smallest bookcase, clear it out and divide your books into three stacks.

One stack is for the books that you want to move with you. The second stack is for books you can stand to pass on to someone special. The third stack is for books you are willing to resell at a yard sale or donate to charity.

Take the books that are going with you, and put them back on the shelf. You will want access to them until the moving day arrives.

Load Unwanted Books into the Car

The last days before a move, even a local move, can be hectic. The last thing you want to deal with is excess books you don’t want that risk being thrown away at the last minute.

Every book deserves a good home. So, donate the books you can stand to part.

Take the books that you are giving away to your vehicle. Drop off the donated books at your earliest convenience and arrange to meet friends to give them their books well ahead of your moving date.

Prepare your Rare, Vintage Books

If you have antique books, it is essential to prepare them for moving. Put a piece of cardboard on top of the book and underneath it to protect it from dents or damage.

This helps protect the book’s spine, which is often the weakest part of old, vintage books. Then, wrap the book in cling wrap. Safely stow these books in a secure location so the professional movers can further protect them.

Special Care to Photo Albums

If you decide to pack your own things instead of hiring movers to do it, then you need to take special precautions with precious photo albums.

Wrap each album in acid-free paper so the ink used in certain papers does not accidentally loosen off on your photos. Unlike hardcover books, photo albums are usually best put in boxes flat. This eliminates any possibility of images slipping while boxes are in transit.


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