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Packing Strategies for Your Next Move

by | Jul 8, 2018 | Moving Blog | 0 comments

Element Moving can handle all your packing needs for you… but if you do decide to do your own packing, here are a few tips from the pros to help.

Get The Right Equipment

By equipment, we mean the right boxes (professional quality), packing materials, tape, scissors, and permanent marker. Element Moving offers a custom set of packing materials suited to almost any item including mattresses, dishes, large articles, mirrors, and more.

Use the Right Techniques

  • Use wadded packing paper to provide cushion in your boxes.
  • Wrap fragile items in paper before placing in boxes.
  • Don’t over pack. Keep boxes and cartons to 50 pounds or less.
  • Be sure your boxes are filled to the top to ensure they do not get crushed when stacked.
  • Pack items you won’t need until after you are settled in your new location first.
  • Follow a schedule. Don’t underestimate how long it takes to pack!
  • Go room by room to stay organized.
  • As you complete a room, sort boxes and cartons by weight to make the loading process easier.
  • Label boxes clearly with your name, room, where the box should go in your new home, and a brief description of contents.

Know The No-No’s

For safety reasons, never pack the following items:

  • Flammable fluids such as lighter fluid or gasoline
  • Chemicals including auto maintenance fluids
  • Fireworks
  • Paints and paint thinner
  • Combustible objects such as oxygen bottles or propane tanks
  • Firearms
  • Live plants

Keep These Items Safe

Some items you may want to keep safe and accessible

  • Family photos
  • Important papers and personal records (wills, insurance policies, deeds, stock certificates, etc.)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Children’s toys

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