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Moving Insurance Protects Your Goods

The movers at Element Moving and Storage, LLC fully understand the stress, anxiety, fears of nightmare scenarios, and other similar feelings that can be had when moving. These stressful hindrances can come and go—especially when you’re deciding between moving companies—until you’re finally settled in at the new location. From what our customers tell us, the most commonly feared situations are trucks crashing during transport, or items moving around and breaking inside the truck during the move.

In fact, the Texas Department of Transportation (DOT) long ago realized that consumers needed some form of basic protection in case a nightmare scenario did play out, and in response, effectively instituted standard liability coverage requirements that each moving company must provide to their customers.

For many (if not most) moving companies, this liability protection is security enough; meaning their work and effort remains at basic expectations, and nothing more. However, at Element Moving and Storage, LLC, we refuse to do anything halfway—something you’ll learn quickly after working with us. The next generation in moving and storage goes to the next level when protecting your goods.

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We Go the Extra Mile with Full Value Protection

2 element moving movers packing antique vaseWhile we are more than happy to provide basic standard liability coverage, we firmly believe our customers deserve more. As a result of going the extra mile, we have partnered with a respected third-party provider to offer full valuation protection (FVP). Here’s how it works:

While the basic standard coverage insures your load at around 60 cents per pound, many will argue that it isn’t enough. This is especially true when you take into account the nature of certain belongings—family heirlooms, fine artwork, discontinued items, vintage toys, etc.—which can be extremely difficult to replace, much less repay.

In the event of a disaster, after all, has been tallied and summed up, the standard liability won’t offer very much coverage for items lost or damaged; the true value hidden in many of your lighter-weighted possessions cannot possibly be summed up and repaid properly. While it may be something, it definitely isn’t enough.


How is Full-Value Protection Different from Basic Coverage?

On the other hand, VFP allows you to preserve virtually the entire cost of your items, should a moving nightmare take place. With this security, your belongings are fully protected and eligible for replacement, repair, and even cash value. You’ll be given the option to choose your deductible from a number of different plans we offer, after which, our partners will do the rest.

What this essentially does is shift the risk away from your shoulders and onto ours, so you can have that quality peace of mind when moving day comes. Additionally, the perks when qualifying for this plan include—but may not be limited to—specialty crating on certain items, and/or being given our full-service packing option.


Customized Insurance Policy Protection

Of course, some customers feel they don’t necessarily need full value protection—or have enough valuables for FVP to be worth their while—and we understand that; which is why if you instead find it useful to ensure single or certain items, our expert movers can help you with individualized insurance policy protections to suit your circumstance.

Whichever you decide, we’ll use the exceptional third-party relationships we’ve built over the years to ensure you have the protection you want and need.


Protect What’s Yours with Full-Value Protection Moving Insurance

Full Value Moving InsuranceWe know this is a decision you’ll end up having to consider along with your budget, which is why Element Moving and Storage, LLC is proud to work with you to determine a final quote that comfortably fits your lifestyle, and includes full value protection. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect—cost-wise—as well as know precisely what your protections are before you pack the first item.

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