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Fine Art Moving

Fine Art Moving Dallas and AustinEvery fine art collector dreads the day they move a big collection from their typical nesting spot to a new home or location—and understandably so. The reason it’s such a disliked process is because they have, most of the time, painstakingly come to realize that most movers found in the phone book or internet aren’t going to be able to tell a Rembrandt from a mass-produced piece you buy at a big box store. If they aren’t able to immediately register the value of fine art, how are they expected to pack, load, move, unload, and then unpack appropriately and effectively when this type of assignment requires the utmost level of caution and knowledge? Here’s a short list of fine art we’re professionally trained to handle:

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Architecture
  • Photography
  • Fine prints

Fine Art Packing and MovingFine art collections carry with them not only historical and sentimental value, but monetary value. Damage to a piece will compromise both of these, and can make the artwork all but worthless—completely explaining why the artists and collectors are often terrified of the moving process. However, at Element Moving and Storage, LLC, we not only recognize the sensitivity of these pieces, but by being the next generation of moving and storage, we are explicitly trained to handle them as efficiently and professionally as the artists and collectors themselves; we understand it’s a serious responsibility where there is absolutely no margin for error. This is how we do it:

Committed to the Collection

Our unrelenting commitment to you and your collection is precisely why we’re the premier fine art mover in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We have had the privilege of moving large, priceless collections from art guilds, as well as to and from homes of private collectors. These very collections were valued at many thousands of dollars when we packed them, and they were worth the exact amount when we unloaded and unpacked. The less-than-one percent claims rate we have, company-wide, across all of our service offerings, is a testament to how seriously we take this (it’s normally around 10 percent).

You may be wondering by now, what makes us different? What specific steps do we take to ensure the safety and integrity of each print, each sculpture, each object? The short answer: we go the extra mile.

Here’s What Going the Extra Mile Looks Like

Okay, so get this: take a collection of fine art that consists mostly of carefully-crafted paintings. A mover who lacks the knowledge to move these items might usehold your breathregular paper as a safeguard! Without realizing it, they actually damage the painting’s original sheen and luster, effectively lessening its worth. However, by being the next generation in moving and storage, Element Moving and Storage, LLC knows all about this possibility; which is why we use special, acid-free paper to preserve the art as it was originally created.

That being said, we also use unique, individual boxes for each piece of art. Additionally, some artwork will also need to be wood-crated, and we absolutely provide that as part of our fine art moving service. We are able to handle a variety of special needs and materials, and are even accustomed to moving very detailed, irregular objects (like chandeliers) without harming a single part of it, or diminishing in any way its articulation.

Don’t Find Out the Hard Way

Moving companies differ wildly from the other, and it’s those differences that can cost you thousands of dollars if you trust your invaluable collections to just any of them. Go with a company that employs truly career-minded movers. A company with not only the best reputation in the area, but with the most modern approach to its specialty. A company that knows the remarkable time and care it requires to have the honor of handling fine art pieces, and can think outside the box (see what we did there?).

Contact us today and entrust your valuables to the next generation in moving and storage, as Element Moving and Storage, LLC is the only company that knows exactly how to preserve their quality.

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