What are the Pros and Cons of a Winter Move

Dec 31, 2021 | Moving Blog, Tips

Sometimes a long distance move has to occur during the coolest season of the year. When this happens, several elements of the season can have both positive and negative impacts on the moving process.

If you have a move coming up and are considering moving during the winter, keep these advantages and disadvantages in mind before you start packing up your belongings.

Pros of a Long-Distance Winter Move

At Element Moving & Storage we don’t worry about winter moves because there are several advantages to clients who book their moves during the cold weather.

It’s Easier to Book a Great Long Distance Moving Company

The most popular moving seasons are summer and spring. Therefore, most long distance moving companies in Dallas have their schedules booked up for these seasons. Planning a last minute move during warmer weather could result in your missing out on a luxury mover and settling for a discount company without valuation coverage in their contract.

However, during the winter months, many people don’t want to deal with the disadvantages of moving in the colder weather. Therefore, luxury moving companies aren’t typically busy and can offer more flexible move schedules that meet client needs.

Heat Sensitive Objects Stay Protected

One of our moving specialities is relocating valuable wine collections. This can be a challenge with summer moves because heat is one of the biggest contributing factors to tainted wine.

A winter move can preserve your heat sensitive objects and ensure that they arrive at your new home safe and ready for your family to enjoy.

Disadvantages of a Winter Move

While we encourage a move at any time of the year, there are still some disadvantages to moving during a bitterly cold winter.

Change in Holiday Plans

Like we mentioned earlier, some holiday moves are unavoidable and winter relocation is just a fact of life. This can interfere with any holiday plans that a family may have. So, if you love your holiday traditions and can move at another time around the winter seasons, we recommend doing so, in order to prevent unfortunate changes in holiday plans.

Daylight Isn’t on Your Side

Darkness approaches sooner during the winter months. This can be a detriment to your move. Not only is it uncomfortable to move in the cold and the dark, but it can also be dangerous if weather conditions brought ice and snow.

Black ice is prevalent during the winter, and the last thing you’ll want during your move is an unexpected injury during your big life event.

Element Moving & Storage is a Trusted Mover for Any Season

Rain, sleet, or snow, Element Moving & Storage will help you and your family accomplish a long distance winter move. We take pride in the care that we put into relocating our client’s belongings and are ready to get you into your forever home. Unlike discount movers, we specialize in moving valuable collections, vehicles, and antique furniture. Trust that your move will go smoothly with our experienced movers.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your move on our schedule.