Top Tips for a Smooth Holiday Move

Nov 30, 2021 | Tips

Sometimes the urgency of a move can’t wait for the holidays to pass. Unfortunately, a long distance move usually doesn’t serve as the best source of holiday cheer.

At Element Moving & Storage, we believe that every move is a milestone for a family and should be a contribution to happiness not a hindrance. Here are some of our biggest tips for a big holiday move that doesn’t give up any of the cheer of the season for your family.

Set Some Easy-Access Decorations Aside

Just because you’re moving away, doesn’t mean you have to give up all aspects of the holiday spirit. Sure, you may not be able to host at your place this year, but you can still put up some light decorations to keep your family in the spirit.

From a small tree to even an elegant wreath on your front door, we recommend setting some easy-to-pack decorations aside that can be easily packed at the last minute.

If you’re going to be in your new home during the holidays, make sure your decorations are in an easily accessible box so that some holiday cheer is the first warm memory in your new home.

Pack a Little at a Time

Packing combined with the holidays is a stressful time. It can easily consume the most wonderful time of the year.

Our biggest suggestion is to plan out your moving schedule about a month in advance. This allows you to easily stick to your schedule and pack a little at a time. In between packing work, your family can enjoy the pre-planned holiday experience that you’ve already marked down on your schedule.

Prepare for Unexpected Expenses

Planning for the holidays is all about saving up money to make those special mornings and traditions a success. However, even if you’ve already paid for your main moving expenses, unexpected financial surprises could put a hindrance on your holidays.

So, we suggest keeping a nest set aside that can help during any surprise emergencies like the need for more moving storage or to help relocate your larger ticked items like a piano, expensive wine collection, or fine art.

Hire a Premiere Moving Company to Relieve Stress

If you plan on moving long distances and have large items, cars, and collections to worry about, the easiest solution is to put the trust of your goods into a luxury moving service.

From packing to moving, and valuation coverage of your goods, the stress of your holiday move can instantly become a ghost of a holiday’s past.

Element Moving & Storage Keeps Your Holiday Move Under Control

If you have an important move on the horizon these next couple of months, don’t rely on a value moving service to keep your move coordinated and effective. Trust the luxury movers of Element Moving & Storage to treat your items like our own and keep your move a merry experience.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your move on our schedule.