While packing you can come across items that can be a challenge.  Pictures and Frames are large, breakable and odd sized items.  Listed below are my best tips on how to move these items to prevent chipping corners or glass breaking.

  • Box selection – You box should be slightly bigger than the item
  • Secure one end – tape one end of the box really well with packing tape
  • Bubble Wrap – Wrap the frame really well, as if it is a gift you will be opening.
  • Box up – Slip item into box carefully and secure box with packing tape.
  • Label – Write “Fragile” and the room this item will go in on the box in large lettering.
  • Moving tip – Picture items should always be packed on its side.  If you packed it flat it would take all the weight.
  • Purchase Cardboard Corner’s for pictures.
  • Use Wardrobe box to pack a few pictures together, be sure to use soft items around them.
  • Have movers put pictures on their edges for the move.

Follow these steps and you will have nothing to worry about.