Top Reasons to Secure a Winter Move Today!

Dec 13, 2021 | Local, Moving Tips

The winter season in Texas is a time to celebrate friends, family, and new beginnings. If part of your family or business’s new beginning is a local move, we say, why wait for the new year to get your move on a licensed moving company’s schedule?

The holidays may only last a couple of days, but winter can last months in Texas. Find out why now is the best time of the year to get your local move in gear.

Winter Moves Make Adjustments Easier

Winter break at schools lasts up to two weeks or longer in some cases. As we’ll point out later, a winter move can be fast and painless.

So, if your local move means your children have to change schools, you’ll want to give them as fresh a start as possible; and directly after winter break is a perfect time.

Fortunately, this is an attainable goal, since squeezing your move in during a break is completely possible with the help of an experienced moving company.

Moves Are Generally Less Expensive

As with fall moves, local movers typically don’t receive as many contracts during the winter months. This can prompt them to lower prices or grant other benefits that help make your move more affordable.

Take advantage of the reduced competition and get your next move on a professional company’s schedule for less, today.

Faster Responses From Moving Teams

Since so many people tend to prefer summer moves, the winter proves to be an easier time to schedule a quick move from a reliable moving company.

By winter, many movers are eager for work and won’t be very choosy about the jobs they accept.

A winter move can even simplify some of the last-minute needs that can arise in the process. With more time on their hands, your movers are likely to address any obligations quickly and efficiently.

Your Collections Retain Their Integrity During a Winter Move

Valuable art pieces and wine collections are something that should never get exposed to UV rays for an extended period of time. Slower, summer moves can lead to damaged collections you’ve acquired over the years.

Winter provides a cooler climate that protects irreplaceable items. So, if you have a valuable collection you’d like to keep secure, let a winter move provide a good chunk of the protection your personal belongings need.

Your Move Could Progress Faster Than a Summer Move

A summer move in Texas is one that is extremely uncomfortable and requires even the most experienced movers to take frequent hydration. This can slow down your move and make getting into your new home that much more difficult.

A winter move from an experienced moving company will come with all of the right moving equipment and cooler weather to keep your move expedient and with as few hang-ups as possible.

Our advice is to schedule a move in the earlier winter months before potentially freezing temperatures and ice settle in.

Schedule a Local Move for the New Year With Element Moving & Storage

If you have a move coming up, let the professionals of Element Moving & Storage help! We are Dallas’s luxury moving company that specializes in moving everything from the average furniture to curated wine collections.

Whether you have a local move planned or a long-distance destination, our reliable moving and storage services can help you get settled into your new home.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get your move on our winter schedule.