4 Reasons to Move in the Fall

Oct 15, 2021 | Moving Tips

Fall is here and while we enjoy the cooler weather and watching the leaves change colors, it’s also a time for local moves to welcome in the best time to schedule a moving company.

At Element Moving & Storage, we think that fall is the perfect time of the year to get settled into a new home. If you have the ability to choose when your next move is, we suggest looking at these 4 reasons why you should always consider moving in October.

More Scheduling Flexibility

By the time October rolls around, the summer moving rush has passed and students from grade school to college-aged have already started school.

Why does this matter for your move? Simply put, the busier moving months could leave you forced to pick a date that leaves your family stressed or rushed for time.

Your move should be about maximizing your comfort. So, scheduling a move in October gives you a greater opportunity to pick and choose a date that meets your timeline and makes your move as simple as possible.

Improved Local Moving Rates

Not only is it easier to select a date in October, but the fall is a perfect time to take advantage of lower moving rates from local movers. Since fewer people are moving, pricing often becomes less competitive in the fall, and it’s possible to find a quality mover that can offer a bid that doesn’t break your budget.

Settle in Before Major Holidays

Once you’ve moved into your new home, your next goal should be to settle down and start to show off your new dwellings. What better way to do so than to host your family’s winter holiday gatherings.

Moving in the fall gives you plenty of time to get comfortable in your new home without a rush before holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas strike. 

Better Moving Weather

It’s Texas, so the weather is never guaranteed. However, moving in the fall should present better weather conditions than a hot mid-summer move that comes with the dangers of dehydration and heat exhaustion.

Also, a winter move can come with its own set of complications. From cold winds to slip and fall hazards during the move, waiting too long beyond the fall can make your job more dangerous than some movers would like to accept.

Better weather not only guarantees that movers will show up the day of your big move, but it also ensures that everyone involved in the process stays safe.

Schedule a Comfortable Move With Element Moving & Storage

If our list of reasons to move in the fall has swayed you to get your move scheduled this month, there’s still time to work with the best in the business. 

At Element Moving & Storage, we have the experience and equipment to move your belongings and valuable collections in comfort and safety. Trust us to be your luxury mover that is guaranteed to take the stress out of any local move.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to get your moving date on our calendar.