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Wine Storage

Wine is more than just a beverage. It has played a significant cultural role going back at least 8,000 years into human history. The oldest bottle that is known to exist dates back to 325-350 A.D. It was found in a Roman tomb. It’s called the Speyer wine bottle and yes, it still contains what is presumably wine, but no one has actually checked that for verification.

Still, when it comes to wine, the older the better! There’s just something about knowing the history and origins of what you’re popping the cork on that makes it all the more enticing.

While it isn’t the core of our business, another of the unexpected services we handle at Element Moving is the storage, inventory, and safe transport of highly-valued wine collections.

Our Experience

If you’re just looking to move locally or across the state, you probably don’t think about such services. But if you’re an avid wine lover, we’re more than happy to serve. Here’s what you need to know before entrusting us with your collection.

We Get the Value

It may be hard to fathom there are bottles of wine worth more than a car or home if all you’re used to are the $9 bottles of red you can purchase from a supermarket. But we’ve handled shipments of wine bottles that were insured for up to $1 million. That’s because the owner understands the difference between common and vintage stock. They also have a more sophisticated wine palate and are adept at isolating the different taste notes hiding inside of the higher-end bottles.

In other words, our customers are serious about their wine, and we’re serious about our customers. We understand the special packing and crating necessary to preserve the integrity of the collection. Handling also is important, and our less-than-one percent claims ratio company-wide against an industry average of 10 percent tells you exactly why more individuals are entrusting their collections to us.

What to Expect

So, you have a wine collection you are concerned about for an upcoming move. You’re not sure when you will transport it, but you’ve got to get it out of the house and into storage. In this scenario, we start by creating an inventory that shows each bottle — the year it’s from, what kind of wine it is, etc. This ensures it will be accounted for in our records. It also serves the purpose of allowing easier access should you find yourself needing a specific label for an upcoming party or engagement prior to relocation.

We’re also happy to hold wine collections in storage for indefinite periods of time. Since the inventory list is cross-referenced to the content of each crate, our customers can rest easy knowing their most prized bottles will be exactly where they left them in the proper climate for as long as our services are needed.

Once you get ready for the move, the inventory and labeling system serve to help us keep up with the shipment. We can then make any necessary special arrangements to ensure a gentler transport and delivery experience.

Who Can Benefit Most from Our Wine Storage Service?

Customers who are moderate to heavy wine drinkers as well as those who collect wine as one would any form of special memorabilia or collectible a see high value in this particular service. It’s a niche we love to serve. We also love to work with wine appreciators who may have a move on the horizon, or who are downsizing their living spaces but don’t wish to downsize the selection of wines available to them.

Our customers usually don’t plan on finishing a bottle a few days after buying it. They like to save their wine bottles for specific venues and occasions. They pay attention to those little details, and that signals they expect the same of us.

The Right Place for Wine Lovers

If you fit into this exclusive niche, we would like to invite you to look at our customer reviews at various locations online. We rank highly on distinguished watchdog sites like Google, Angie’s List, Yelp, and HomeAdvisor. We’ve held an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for a number of years. And the praise our clients offer goes as much for our storage as our moving services.

They specifically appreciate the knowledge and the effort we put into understanding the materials we’re placing into storage. If you have a valuable wine collection, that’s the kind of nuance you should expect from a moving and storage company. Someone who values the contents inside as much as they do a safe and effective delivery; not a company that’s going to store your collection as if it’s “just another box.” Contact us today if we can help you with an upcoming move, relocation, or temporary/indefinite storage for your wine collection.

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