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Specialty Crating

Specialty crating is a premium feature we offer at Element Moving and Storage, LLC. Over the years we’ve come to realize that sometimes—and for a variety of reasons—an object can defy regular transport methods. There are certain items that can’t just be wrapped, packed, and be ready to go without first taking certain precautions. Although mindful packing, stacking, and delivery can be effective, there are always those particular items and valuables that absolutely can not fit into any cookie-cutter hole; alas, certain items call for custom planning. For our customers who do have that special something that goes against the grain, we’re ready to create customized crating in order to ensure safety and security for every mile between the departure and destination points.

How do you know if utilizing our specialty crating services is right for you? Here’s a quick, helpful, and painless guide.

First, Determine Your Item’s Uniqueness

Element’s seasoned staff can take a look at your belongings and analyze the uniqueness of each item to determine whether or not specialty crating is necessary. Typically, we offer this service for the following common items:

  • Antique mirrors
  • Antique or handmade furniture that cannot be (easily) replaced
  • Fine art of any kind (paintings, sculptures, chandeliers, etc.)
  • Wine collections
  • Motorcycles
  • Special electronic equipment

The rarer—or collectible, or environmentally-prone—the item is, the more likely it will benefit from specialty crating. If it’s fragile enough to worry about moving down the hallway, chances are you may be eligible to benefit from this service.

Next, Give the Specialty Crating Experts a Call

Whether you’re interested in specialty crating, our other services, or aren’t yet sure, our moving experts are ready to assist you with your move. Call Element Moving and Storage, LLC today for personalized assistance going over our services, for a free quote, or for more information. The folks at Element Moving and Storage, LLC will even come to you and conduct an honest assessment and determine whether or not specialty crating can be of benefit for you. This entails discussing the pros, the cons, any possible challenges along the way, and any significant information that applies.

We have two priorities: customer satisfaction, and making sure our claims rates remain the lowest in the business. Being true to these priorities means not just convincing you to use a service you don’t need or a plan you can do without, but making sure that when you move forward, you are completely satisfied with our services and happy you used us. You can trust us to give you straight answers for your questions, honest suggestions for your move, and integrity when guiding you through our plans.

Being the next generation in moving and storage, Element Moving and Storage, LLC understands that quality always outweighs quantity. Whether you need a simple plan or a custom arrangement, Element always puts customers first.

Some Things Are Truly Irreplaceable

We understand that moving can be an expensive ordeal—this is especially true when dealing with large supplies, fragile appliances, furniture, antiques, heirlooms requiring extra TLC, or anything needing specialty crating. That being said, we strive to remain very competitive on pricing, and have successfully remained among the most affordable of moving companies. More importantly, our services ensure that your valuables—that which are priceless to you—continue to be cared for with quality handling, and professional experience. We understand that we’re dealing with integral parts of your home or office, and want the best for each of our customers.

If you would like to learn more, contact us today to allow us to use our expertise in answering any questions you may have, and how we can help you avoid the risks. Element Moving and Storage, LLC guarantees the safe delivery of each of your precious belongings, and can promise to give you peace of mind throughout the entire moving process.

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