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Antique Moving

Antiques are notorious for springing new life into whatever room they’re placed in. They’re known for adding personality, character, and a certain uniqueness that you just can’t find from a big-box store or the latest designer trend. At Element Moving and Storage, LLC, we understand these particular items require very special care; after all, if one of them breaks, you can’t really run out and buy a new one. Some popular antique items include:

  • Uncommonly found sterling silver items
  • Detailed, decorated porcelain
  • Export jewelry
  • Mid-century, modern-for-its-time collectibles
  • Sunburst clocks

The list absolutely goes on. Any moving job that involves a number of antique items can be challenging, and we’ve (painfully) seen countless fly-by-night competitors fail to meet that challenge. Element Moving and Storage, LLC, the next generation in moving and storage, is different: unlike our competitors we offer unheard of services and add special touches to preserve the safety, security, and value of every piece we work with. Here’s how we do it:

Antique Wrapping

Antiques comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are sturdy enough where the primary duty of the mover is to keep them in place or reduce the amount of moving and shifting that might occur during the transport. Others are more delicate–we take each item on a case-by-case basis. If the antique is particularly vulnerable, we’ll securely wrap it and ensure it doesn’t come into contact with other items on the move that could stress or damage it. Some of our professional-grade materials include:

  • Double- and triple-walled cartons
  • Stretch wrap and cushioning wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Fine tissue and Kraft paper

Other items may require an extra layer of protection; however, if you wrap them too tightly, you could end up damaging them before you roll off the lot. Our movers are trained at spotting “soft” spots and responding with the appropriate care, and are especially trained in transporting:

  • Fragile porcelains
  • Family heirlooms
  • Valuable antiques

We treat every item with the finest professional care, and understand that moving art, antiques, and collectibles takes extra care; no one values that more than Element Moving and Storage, LLC and our highly-trained staff.

Spatial Awareness

There is a vast number of antiques either crafted by hand, or on now-outdated machinery (after all, that’s what makes it priceless!). However, as a result of this, they end up not being designed for the same level of wear-and-tear that a similarly-crafted item made with today’s technology could be. In such cases, we use our utmost discretion—defined by decades of professional moving experience and collective expertise—to make the best use of space when transporting your irreplaceable, delicate belongings to ensure absolute predictability. If adjustments need to be made, we will swiftly navigate all possible options to ensure every single item, whether small or large, is wholly secured for safe, zero-damage transport.

Furthermore, if your antiques cannot have any other item stacked on top of them, we’ll use our experience to take that into consideration and adjust the whole process in order to expertly rearrange and continue transporting the load. If necessary, we’ll “float”—or make however many trips we need—to ensure everything arrives at its destination in identically mint condition.

All in all, our goal as your professional mover is to apply our vast knowledge and expertise in every aspect of your move, whether comprised of items bulky, delicately irreplaceable, or both, to ensure efficient, predictable transport and unparalleled results. 

White Label Service

Last but not least, Element Moving and Storage, LLC offers white label service for everything we move. In other words, we don’t simply transport your antiques to their destination and leave—what are we, basic movers?—for us, it’s standard customer service to offer premier services when moving your antiques, such as:

  • Cautiously removing your antiques from the truck
  • Carefully taking them to the room or area where you plan to place them
  • Skillfully unpacking and unwrapping your antiques
  • Expertly setting them up, to taste, at the new destination

This is a unique service that our antique customers especially prefer and are always satisfied with; a service we have perfected since 2010. Given the delicacy and priceless value of our customers’ collections, we take our profession with utmost seriousness, and as a result, solidified their trust for any and all of their moving needs. Let us show you what we mean!

Give Your Antiques the Treatment They Deserve

Our antique moving service is ready to come carefully pack, expertly ship, efficiently deliver, and preserve the integrity of each load and item. If you have a collection you’re particularly protective of, we completely understand! Our advice? Don’t trust them with any other mover. Allow Element Moving and Storage, LLC, the next generation in moving and storage, to give your antiques the patient, professional treatment they deserve.

Additionally, with competitive pricing, our issue-free delivery rates are the best value in the business. Contact us today if we can help make your move smoother.


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