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Wine Moving

Wine has been with us since the start of recorded history. There are many different types, and even within those types, there is much nuance to the flavor. That nuance depends on the age and cultivation process. 

True wine admirers understand this, and they can tell the difference when the time comes to pull that special bottle out of their collection and break out the corkscrew. At Element Moving, we take great pride in working with these discriminating collectors. That’s why we offer the following services. 

Collection Relocation

Temperature controls are important when preserving the integrity of your wine. But when you’ve got a big move on the horizon, attention to detail isn’t necessarily within your control. But it is for us. That’s because we know the special steps to take to maintain the climate your wine is during the actual move. 

Whether it’s a large or small collection, we can prepare the bottles into special boxes that are insulated and hold up to 12 bottles of wine. We can then move the boxes in a refrigerated truck to ensure the temperature stays constant. If the move is an overnight, we’ll run the truck the entire night to ensure the environment doesn’t change. 

Inventory Control 

Another part of our wine moving service that customers usually opt for is the inventory control feature. With IC, we will create a database with the year, make, and type of wine. Our customers receive this database in the form of a spreadsheet they can then refer to see what they’ve got in stock and what they might need to replace. 

Furthermore, we can use this database to arrange and pack boxes. In fact, it’s highly important that we do because wines vary by the storage needs they may have. Having a list handy allows us to accommodate each individual bottle during the move. Detailed inventories come at a premium cost, but they are so worth it when it comes to keeping track of your collection, both during and after the move. 

What This Service Says About Us

Few moving companies go this granular with their level of detail. That should tell you something about the quality of the services they offer. To them, every box is the same, no matter what is inside. That’s probably why the industry claims rate is around 10 percent. Ours is less than one-tenth of that. 

Services like wine moving demonstrate how we are meticulous in everything we do, and it tells you exactly how we’ll treat your possessions and special collections. If you have a wine collection you value, give it to the movers who will value it just as much as you do. At Element Moving, we are those movers. Contact us today to learn more about all the ways we can help you. 

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