How to Prepare your Children for a New School after a move.

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Uncategorized

The most difficult part of a move to your kids is usually a new school.  It means making new friends, new teachers and navigation of the new school.  Teens seem to have the hardest time with this.

Preparation is key before you walk in that first day of school.  It can be helpful for you and your child to take a tour of the new school, familiarize yourself with surroundings.  Map out the route you will take with your child.  Getting to know the neighbor’s is very important as well.  One way to bridge this gap is to host a party for your neighbors with their kids.  You can get to know them, and their kids.

If you can introduce yourself to the teacher prior to school starting we highly recommend it. The First Day of School can be a hard day for any child.  One way to help is to take them the first day of school.  Introduce yourself to the teacher and address any concerns you might have.  Encouragement can help them through, make their lunch and include an uplifting note.

These tips can help you get through your first few months of your new school.

  1. Good communication between you and your child is a must.  They may respond to the new school in a way you did not expect.  You just need to be there for them, but if you notice things are not quite right maybe an appointment with their teacher can make things better.
  2. You should be aware grades may be effected with the move.  This can be caused by curriculum changes or even teaching styles.  Sometimes just a period of adjustment can correct this problem, always be patient.
  3. Sign your child up for new activities, get them involved.  Studies routinely point out that students involved with additional activities are more likely to adjust to any move. Sports or academic clubs will help your child feel more grounded and get them involved with there new classmates.
  4. Don’t rush things it will take time.  Feeling at home in their new space can take months, but give you and your child that time for the adjustment.  Soon you will be feeling right at home.

These tips and more are always available when moving with Element Moving.