How to Keep Children Occupied During a Move

Aug 2, 2022 | Moving Blog, Tips

The idea of moving is never easy, and even when it is done for the best of reasons, the moving process can be stressful and tiring. When kids are involved, the situation becomes even more complicated due to a whole range of different factors. The prospect of changing homes, and everything that comes with that can be a source of both fear and excitement for everyone, especially children.

Even before the move is finished however, there can be a variety of challenges parents will face when trying to manage everything while also helping their child through the process. From keeping them safe during the packing process, to watching over them during the move out date and even helping them fight off boredom during the travel time, there is a full range of potential problems and situations that might need to be dealt with.

At Element Moving, our team understands how much more complicated a move can be when children are involved, and we’ve put together a few things that parents can do to keep younger members of the family occupied. Spending a little time to make the moving process more engaging and enjoyable can go a long way towards reducing stress levels and easing tension.

Planning Ahead

Even before moving day arrives, children will probably take notice of how things are changing. While some parents might try to keep everything under wraps as a way to protect their kids until the last minute, it is always a good idea to plan ahead. This can mean a number of things, but it starts with focusing on the positive benefits from the change in location. Whether you decide to create a story of the move as a wonderful adventure for the family, or hold a more formalized meeting to go over the details, it is always important to keep things fun.

The more you talk with a child and prepare them mentally for an upcoming move, the easier it will be to help them cope with the actual process once moving day arrives. This can even be a great time to plan a family outing or do something special to take everyone’s mind off the stressful aspects of the process. Many parents have even found that engaging their conversation about the process regularly well ahead of the actual moving date is an effective way to help a child feel excited instead of anxious about the whole thing.

Another effective activity that takes just a little planning is an activity kit. By putting together a series of fun activities for your child to engage in during the moving process, parents can feel more confident knowing where their child is and what they’re doing. Kids can get bored easily if they’re just waiting around or watching the adults do work that they don’t understand, so keeping them busy in a safe, fun, and engaging way goes a long way towards making the entire process smoother.

During the Moving Process

In many cases, the moving process can be easier for kids when they feel involved in the process. This can mean anything from spending a little time to talk with them throughout the day, to giving them a series of specific tasks that you feel confident they can handle safely. By helping a child to feel like they are genuinely contributing, even in a small way, their own stress and anxiety over the move can be greatly reduced.

If you’re having concerns about the prospect of having your younger family members tackle the heavy lifting, you can even set aside a series of small objects or boxes that they can safely transport. Spending a little time to keep a child engaged during the moving process can make a huge difference in how they perceive the whole thing.

Another great way to alleviate any underlying concerns a child might have to is immediately introduce them to the people that will be helping the family move. At Element Moving, our team of skilled professionals understands the value of a warm, friendly attitude, and we are always ready to spend a little time helping children feel better about the process while dispelling their image of having “strangers” enter their home and take all their stuff!

The Takeaway

Moving out is never easy, and when children are involved the whole process can easily feel overwhelming. The good news is, by spending some time planning ahead and taking steps to tackle any potential anxiety before it happens, everything can go more smoothly than expected.

We are committed to making the entire process as easy as possible for all of our customers, and we recognize that the happiness of a family’s children can play a big role in this. By making every effort to maintain a friendly, professional attitude, we are confident that our customers will be completely satisfied with the care and support we provide during this difficult challenge.

For more information about the services we offer, and to find out how we can help your family tackle the prospect of moving, be sure to contact our office today!