Top 8 Things You Might Forget on Moving Day

Aug 16, 2022 | Local Moving, Moving Help

Your moving day is going to come fast and will feel like a blur. While your family is focused on the excitement of moving into your new home, it’scommon and all too easy to overlook some of the essentials  that you’ll need that first night or even the first few days after moving in.  

8 Essentials You Can’t Overlook on Moving Day

Don’t let your new home experience start off sour!  Make sure you pack these 8 essential things before moving day to ensure your transition is easy and comfortable.


1. Toiletries

Soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrushes are all toiletries that you’ll want to pack in an emergency bag that should keep you days fresh until you’re all settled in.

2. Extra Change of Clothes

Your clothes are going to take a few days to hang up in your new home. Yet, you’ll still need clothes to get by with while you’re unpacking. 

So, fill an overnight bag with a few changes of clothes that grant you easy access to this essential without having to dig through boxes and boxes to find your perfect outfit.

Man Sleeping on Floor of New House

3. Sleeping Bags

It’s possible that you may be too tired to put your beds together the first night after a move. Rather than just sleeping on a bare mattress on the floor, add a little comfort to the experience and pack some sleeping bags that will keep you warm and clean until you do put your beds together and unpack your bedding.

4. Corkscrew

Although a corkscrew may not be an essential item for everyone, we thought it would be a great reminder on our list. 

Many new homeowners love to christen their home over a bottle of wine or champagne. Trust us when we say what a “pagne” it can be to have to hunt for your old corkscrew or take the time to go out and buy a new one. 

Be prepared; pack your corkscrew!

5. Batteries

Batteries; you never know when you’re going to need them. Trust us when we say that the first few days in your new home will require batteries included.

From replacing batteries in smoke detectors to adding batteries to remotes in the home, it’s a lot easier to get settled in when you can just plug batteries in without fumbling to find them.

6. Chargers

Phone chargers and laptop chargers are essentials! Don’t pack these up with your other items. The first days in your new home will likely require you to rely on smartphones and laptops for entertainment. Keep your chargers on-hand so you and your family can stay connected.

7. Toolkit

One of the most notorious facts about moving is that there is always something to fix. While larger projects may require help from an expert, small fixes will need your toolkit on-hand. 

Plus having simple tools like a tape measurer readily available can ensure your furniture and art are all placed in just the right space in your home.

8. Toilet Paper

Your water is all set up, and everything is flowing through the pipes. However, \you’d be surprised at how many people forget that they will need toilet paper once they get into their new home. 

The panic of not having toilet paper when you need it is one you shouldn’t have to experience on your first night in a new home. Pack a couple of rolls to tide you over the first few days as your family unpacks, organizes and adjusts.


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