6 Good Reasons to Move in the Winter

Sep 10, 2022 | Local Moving

In North Texas, there’s only one time of year to move without breaking into a constant sweat – and that’s winter. Movers and moving companies alike both agree that the refreshing cool temperatures and slower moving traffic of November through February are ideal for moving from place to place. Winter is definitely the season for people who want to get the best bang for their buck in a move and is the easiest season to pack up your things and transition into a brand new home.

Here are a few of the biggest reasons why moving in a Texas winter is simply the best:

1). Easy Scheduling

Scheduling a move in the winter is like deciding to go see a blockbuster movie two months after its release – you can almost guarantee there won’t be crowds. Winter is the least busy time of year for movers. Known as the “off-season” in the moving industry, it’s the time of year when you won’t be making dozens of phone calls to find the date you need to move out. In the summer months, you may have to call several companies to schedule a day you want to move several weeks in advance. But in winter, moving companies have ample time to come to your house at your convenience instead of theirs.

2). Affordability

Moving in winter is also definitely cheaper. Many moving companies offer discounts of 15% or more for people who move January – March. It’s a good time of year for businesses to, in some cases, offer lower rates to accommodate bigger moves during the off-season.

3). Marked Down Rent

Property prices also drop during winter. It’s a time when the trend shifts towards slow months and properties lower rent prices to attract more tenants. The prices for rent don’t just drop in Texas, but all across the nation during winter months. Take advantage of the opportunity by scanning multiple apartments or house locater websites to find the best deals available. 

4). Less Hassle

Roads are a whole lot emptier in the wintertime. There aren’t as many kids playing the streets, neighbors out mowing their laws, or hay fever spreading through the air causing allergies to act up. It’s the perfect time of year for an easy move and smooth transition. During winter moves, you have less competition with elevators, trucks, boxes or movers, and pull into your new apartment completely relaxed and calm.

5). No Heat Exhaustion

Hot oven-like Texas days are the bane of every mover in Texas. You’ll be facing the beating sun and triple-digit temperatures during the summer months, but in winter you can relax and find peace toting boxes from one place to another. Children and pets suffer less during winter as well. You can also leave the door to the house wide open while moving furniture in and out without breaking into a sweat or needing gallons of Gatorade to keep you hydrated – plus, there’s the added bonus of preventing a massive sunburn.

6). Higher Productivity

In cooler temperatures, you’ll have higher productivity, too. Winter is a season full of energy, excitement, and a lot less exhaustion. If you move in winter, you’re fixing yourself up to have a fun time doing it.

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