Tips for Moving in the Winter Time

Feb 3, 2016 | Blog

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Tips for Moving in Winter Time

The downside to having to move into a new place during the winter is obviously the fact that you need to deal with the winter weather. Even when the sun has been out for a long time, there can be sudden blizzards and other conditions that could come up and make things difficult. The following are a few cold weather moving tips you can use to make this work quite nicely:

Keep an eye on your weather

You should check for weather reports, so keep a close eye on the weather map for any storm approaching your area that may inhibit the move. Even if you have been watching for a few days, the weather could change with little warning in many areas around the world. You would also do well to keep an eye on your traffic reports as well. Plan the route to your new place around the roads that have stalled traffic in the area. Avoiding busy streets during poor weather will help keep things fast if you need to handle the moving process by yourself.

Avoid packing winter supplies


If you do plan on moving alone, you should keep items such as ice scrapers, shovel, salt and other winter supplies around the car instead of packing them. If there is a lot of snow around, you will need to dig a path into your new home when you arrive. Having these winter tools and supplies on hand will let you do this fast and you will be ready to go. If your sidewalk that leads to the home happens to be icy, then you can quickly use the salt to get some traction under your feet, allowing you to keep the movers safe.

Getting some help in the process

Hiring a moving company will have plenty of results, specifically allowing for a faster move with no heavy lifting involved, as these will simply be a problem during the winter if you have to handle things by yourself. If you can’t afford hiring movers, then you should get as many friends and family members as you can involved in the process. Once all of your boxes are inside, you should order some hot food to thank your friends for the efforts.

Board your pets

Boarding the pets while the moving is going would be a good idea for more than a few reasons. First of all, the pets can get under the feet of the movers, especially if you have a small apartment or house, which would be a problem for everyone. Second of all, with doors being open and the people moving in and out of the home the pets have a chance to get out and escape outside, so ensure that never happens. It will make things a lot easier for you and for your movers when the job is done at the end of the day. You can let the pets stay with someone else until you are done with the job.