Wine Storage Tips for New Collectors

Nov 15, 2021 | Wine Storage

Building up a wine collection has become a favorite pastime for many Texans. However, getting into a new hobby often requires some knowledge into maintaining a personal collection.

Wine is a good that requires strict adherence to some specific storage guidelines. Here’s a look at how you should store your growing wine collection and why Element Moving & Storage is the best choice for preserving your wine bottles.

Store Your Wines at the Right Temperatures

Although your basement may feel significantly cooler than the rest of your home, the truth is that it likely doesn’t maintain proper wine storage temperatures year-round.

All types of wine are meant to thrive in temperatures that range between 53 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Significant exposure to even a slight uptick in temperature could damage your fruitful investment. Unfortunately, basement storage without temperature control leads to tainted wine flavors and wasted wine.

Storing your wine with Element Moving & Storage means that your bottles are always protected. Our wine lockers are temperature-controlled and are stocked with generators that maintain necessary temperatures if the power goes out.

Humidity is Necessary

Not only does wine need to be stored in a cool area, but it also needs to be exposed to high humidity levels (70 percent). 

Why is humidity important? Well, dry air dries out the cork, letting air into the bottle, ruining the wine.

It’s important to keep your humidity levels at recommended levels. Too much humidity leads to mold and will definitely lead to a wasted stash.

Rest Your Wines on Their Sides

Much like the humidity tip, storing your wine on its side is a smart way of keeping your corks moist and your wine preserved. 

This type of storage is also a great space-saver if your storage space is limited. 

At Element Moving & Storage, we store all of your bottles on their sides for maximum storage capacity as well as the natural preservation of your fine wines.

Dark, Still Storage is Best

If you’ve invested in wines that are meant for aging and storage. Make sure to store them in a dark location and move them as little as possible over the years.

Sunlight rearranges the chemicals in your wine and leads to a tainted flavor. While moving wine around too often causes early maturation and could lead to an unenjoyable bottle once opened. 

Invest in Storage With Growth in Mind

The thing about collections is that people usually amass great ones when they are passionate about a product. We guarantee your wine collection will continue to grow over the years. That’s why we always recommend creating storage space with room for extra growth.

Unfortunately, building out your own storage can become expensive. Element Moving & Storage has the perfect solution to this issue. Rather than worrying about overplanning and overpaying, we have wine lockers where you pay by the size locker you need. If you find your collection growing, we can help you find a larger locker and rearrange your monthly payments. 

We keep storage simple so you can focus on enjoying your collection. 

Remember, Wine Has a Life Cycle

As respectable as it seems to store wines for years, the truth is that only a small amount of the wines produced were meant for decades-long storage. We know you’ll eventually want to dig into your wine collection and pull out your finest bottles for family gatherings. 

We make access to your wine collection simple. We grant key cards to our clients that allow you to access your locker and pick and choose the extravagant bottle you’ll need for your next dinner event.

Keep Your Wine Collection Secure with Element Moving & Storage

If you have a budding wine collection you want to properly preserve, let the storage experts at Element Moving & Storage help

Our wine storage lockers are the perfect way to store your wines in a secure and temperature-controlled environment.

Contact us today to learn more about our storage capabilities!