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Moving furniture is really an A to B kind of job. Specialty “white-glove” style moving companies like Element also offer many extra conveniences like packing services, so our movers are well trained and capable of efficiently wrapping and packing household goods to prevent damage while moving. Some of our movers also assemble and disassemble furniture and can help with mounting antiques and assembly of wine racks and organizational help. We make it easy for you to get into your new home and making it easy to declutter and organize your new life.

We teach our movers how to properly box, wrap, and navigate tight corners and spaces with your life’s possessions.

Don’t worry because the Element’s team are professional movers. That’s all they do.

Moving crews are typically considered unskilled labor by most employment standards, but there are still plenty of abilities needed to be successful as a mover because movers have many more duties than just toting furniture. The first thing it is physically demanding work so if your movers do not have stamina and strength there is a very good chance they can damage your valuables. The second consideration for a mover is knowledge of how to hold, maneuver, and use the equipment properly to navigate tight corners and turns and while moving your furnishings down multiple flights of stairs. This does not mean you simply “man-handle” it.

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