Top Reasons to Hire Professional Piano Movers

Mar 17, 2021 | Moving Mistakes, Services

Music is a gift that can bring life to a home. So, if you and your family are planning a move and own a piano, it’s only obvious that you’d want to relocate your musical instrument with you!

However, pianos aren’t as easily transportable as a guitar or flute. Pianos are large, heavy musical instruments that require a professional’s touch for a successful move.

If you plan on moving your family by the DIY method, here are some reasons we think you should highly consider hiring professional piano movers to handle this aspect of your move.

DIY Moves can Damage Your Expensive Instrument

Pianos are not just heavy instruments, they are also uniquely shaped. These elements combined make moving a piano without experience a huge risk to you and your instrument.

Although the sheer size of a piano may present a strong exterior, the truth is that these instruments are actually quite delicate. Even a few bangs and dings on the way to a moving truck can leave substantial and expensive damage.

A professional moving team that is accustomed to moving pianos will examine the shape of your piano, craft a plan, and safely move your piano out of its current space.

You Avoid Injuries

Pianos can weigh hundreds to even one thousand pounds. Inexperienced people trying to maneuver a piano out of a home (especially one with stairs) can easily find themselves facing a thrown-out back or crushing injuries if the piano slips and falls on a hand or foot.

While hiring a local l mover will cost you more money than a DIY effort, we guarantee that it’s a safer and more inexpensive experience compared to paying down medical bills that result from your moving accident.

Professional Movers Have Insurance

If you have friends or kind acquaintances attempting to help you move a piano, not only are you putting them at a safety risk, but you’re opening yourself up to massive liability if any physical accidents occur.

Professional moving companies have total insurance coverage, including worker’s compensation. This means that if any accident occurs on the job with a professional, not only are damages to your piano covered, but any injuries sustained are our responsibility, not yours.

We Have the Right Moving Trucks

Just because you’ve rented a large truck doesn’t mean that it’s equipped to safely accomplish moving your piano. At Element Moving & Storage, we ensure that the truck we use during your piano move meets the exact dimensions it needs for a safe move.

Not only do we utilize the right moving trucks for the job, but we also pad-wrap your piano for extra security as it travels on the road in our truck.

Some Pianos Require Disassembly

Not all pianos can be moved in one piece, and DIY assembly and disassembly can be a disaster without prior experience.

One of the unique services that Element provides to our clients is the breakdown and reconstruction of their pianos.

This added service helps us preserve the integrity of your piano and ensure that we eliminate the risk of any scuffing or damage during the move.

We know which parts of the piano to disassemble and will put your instrument back together in its new location. Trust us to ensure that your piano is ready to play once you’ve settled into your new home.

Element Moving & Storage Keeps Your Valuables in Tune

Your piano should be something that’s passed down from generation to generation. Trust our effective moving process to help keep the music playing in your family.

The professional piano movers of Element Moving & Storage are dedicated to completely protecting your piano from disassembly, to transport, and delivery at your new home. We are proud to go above and beyond for our clients through piano services that include key stabilization and custom crating that is uniquely created for each piano we move.

If you want to ensure that your belongings are moved with maximum efficiency and security, trust Element to literally bring your valuables home. Contact us today to schedule your big move and learn more about our premier moving services.