Top New Year’s Resolution Tips for a Long Distance Move

Jan 29, 2021 | Local, Services

Starting the new year off with a long distance move is an exciting prospect for your family. Make sure that your big move is one that flows smoothly and without the stressors that often come with relocation.

Here are some of the biggest tips we have to offer in the form of New Year’s resolutions your family can put towards moving efforts.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

DIY moves and hiring budget moving companies are the easiest way to create stressful situations surrounding your long distance move. Your belongings and valuable collections like wines, art, and antique furniture deserve to be moved by the best in the business.

Plan beyond a budget move and hire a luxury moving company that specializes in moving valuable and delicate collections. Not only can a professional moving company guarantee a smooth move, but they will also go a step beyond standard insurance and provide valuation coverage that helps you recoup any expenses if the unexpected occurs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Donate

New year, new you, right? Put this approach into how you handle your move. As you pack, think hard on what it is you really need in your new house. One easy rule of thumb is, if you haven’t used it in six months or more, you’re likely not going to. Plan to donate these items and make your trash someone else’s treasure.

Get Stressful Essentials Out of The Way

Moving can be stressful enough, but some of the essentials that will complicate your move once you get to your home, can be taken care of beforehand. Important items like changing your address with the postal service, informing your bank of your move, and registering your car in your new state can be done prior to moving and free up essential time you’ll need once you arrive at your new home.

Plan Packing and Unpacking Weekends

If possible plan out your packing at least six months before your moving date. Spend weekends throughout this time boxing up your valuables, and storing them away for the move.

Once you have moved into your new house, set some weekends aside strictly for unpacking. This will help get you settled into your new home, get it organized quickly, and prevent the bustling that occurs with unorganized unpacking.

Prepare Your Vehicles for the Move

Finally, if you are moving long distance, we encourage you to integrate a vehicle relocation service into your plans. This resolution makes your move that much quicker. However, make sure to prep your vehicles ahead of time to ensure that vehicle transport is safe and hassle-free.

Experience Luxury Local and Long Distance Moving Services From Element Moving & Storage

If you are gearing up for a life changing move or simply moving across town, make sure to get help from a luxury mover that can transport your life safely to its next destination. Element Moving & Storage has the professionalism any family would need from a moving company.

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