Top Items to Consider Before Your Office Move

Sep 15, 2021 | Commercial Moving

An office move can seem even more stressful than a residential move. As an employer, not only do you have to ensure that all of your ducks are in a row, but that your employees are able to remain as productive as possible during the final relocation process.

Fortunately, with a great plan and the right moving company behind your efforts, a commercial move can be an easygoing experience. Here are some planning considerations to take into account once you know that a moving date is on the horizon.

Your New Office’s Storage Limits

Remember, not every new workspace is going to have the same specification your old one had. So, if you know that your office has way too much old equipment or bulky furniture to comfortably store on the new property, it may be time to look into a storage unit.

It can be difficult to find a storage company that has all of the security and storage features you may need for your office equipment. Fortunately, a moving company like Element Moving & Storage will specialize in fulfilling your storage needs. 

Storage surprises are never a fun time; so make sure that your moving company either has a storage option or that you already have a storage location for your goods.

Plan Your Move Early

A move should never be rushed, and we double down on this tip when it comes to commercial moves. As soon as you know your company is on the move, start making decisions:

  • When is your tentative moving day?
  • What goes and what stays?
  • How will you manage employees during the process?
  • How many moving trucks will you need?
  • Who should you use as a moving service?

Having answers to essential questions early on makes for a less stressful time when the actual move date arrives.

Research Moving Companies!

Always perform due diligence when selecting a local moving company. An employee with a U-Haul truck won’t get the job done safely, so make sure that you have some essential qualities in mind during the research process:

  • A moving company must offer valuation coverage and have full insurance coverage
  • A moving company must be well-versed in commercial moves
  • They must be able to work around your average work schedule
  • They offer luxury services at competitive rates
  • They have packing and unpacking services
  • A moving company must specialize in moving delicate materials (i.e. Glass collections, antiques, fine art, etc.)

Once you’ve found a moving company that meets your needs, book them for your move-out date and get your employees ready for the next step.

Leave Employees to Clean Their Own Space

Having your staff pack up their own workspaces takes a massive amount of work out of your move. We suggest providing each employee with a move-out checklist, packing supplies, and a final date when everything needs to be packed and ready to go.

This can all be done the day before your move and helps prevent any last-minute snafus that can easily occur in such a large moving effort.

Make Your Moving Day a Breeze With Element Moving & Storage

If you know your office is ready to move to a new location, look no further than the commercial moving experts of Element Moving & Storage. Our services guarantee a fast, successful move that gets your new office set up and functional in no time. 

Contact us today to learn more about our local and long-distance moving services or to get your move on our calendar. We’re eager to help usher your brand into the next exciting chapter of its story.