Gotta Move in a Hurry? 5 Tips for Last Minute Moves!

Nov 30, 2022 | Moving Tips

Most of us will get caught up in a last-minute, whirlwind move at least once in a lifetime. It takes just one piece of “big news” to put our lives in fifth gear. A new job offer, a family emergency, a fast home sale, or a dispute with the landlord can all send us spinning toward moving boxes and packing tape in a rush of fury and excitement.

Even a well-planned, properly anticipated move can turn into a last-minute move if one piece falls out of place. For instance, a cancellation from your movers can leave you starting all over again.

The good news is that your local move or long-distance move in Dallas, Texas can be pulled off gracefully when you have the right tips. Don’t let your stuff get crunched just because you’re crunched for time! Do these five things to make your last-minute move successful.

Pack by Room

Wandering from room to room kills precious time when packing up a home or apartment.

A better option is to bite off one room at a time. The productivity behind this strategy will help you to build momentum that ultimately gets the job done faster. One tip is to start with the harder rooms first to save yourself from the dread of knowing that you have your biggest tasks ahead of you when working on smaller rooms.

Pack the bathroom last to avoid “hiding” essentials that people in the household will be using until the final turning of the lock!  Here’s even more tips on how to pack!

Clean as You Go

The last thing you’ll want to do after all of your things have been packed away is to stay behind to clean up messes. Adopt a strategy of cleaning as you go that involves using large trash bags for getting rid of debris, clutter, and unwanted items instead of leaving them behind to be sorted in the aftermath of your move.

This will leave you with only a need for light cleaning that involves sweeping, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces.

Leave Your Clothes on the Hangers

While you might think that removing clothes from hangers saves space, it certainly won’t save time. Leaving hangers on is a great moving hack that allows you to simply lay your clothing flat during the move. Think of all of the time you’ll save by not removing clothes from hangers, folding clothes, and storing clothes. The bonus here is that your clothes will be ready to go directly into your new closet when unpacking at your destination!

Don’t Skip the Real Packing Boxes

The last-minute moving tip of using trash bags as makeshift containers for all of your stuff is repeated often. Yes, this can be a great tip for moving towels and blankets if you’re in a time crunch during a last-minute move. Trash bags can hold large amounts of “soft” things because they often have more room than moving boxes.

However, avoid the risks of relying too heavily on trash bags in a last-minute move is important. It’s worth taking the extra time to source sturdy moving boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape for all of your delicate and valuable items.

It’s simply too easy for items to be jostled during a move. What’s more, packing anything in a trash bag comes with the risk that your items will be confused for trash during the frenzy of a rushed, last-minute move. Well-meaning friends and family who have shown up to help you move may end up tossing your beloved possessions into the trash.

Avoid surprises by using sturdy, properly labeled packing materials for most of your possessions.

Hire a Professional Moving Company in Dallas

It’s easy to underestimate just how difficult moving everything you own out of your home can be when a new place beckons. Removing each piece of furniture from your home is a large operation that requires strength in numbers.

What could take a few inexperienced people a full afternoon of picking up, putting down, and pivoting just to get through a tight hallway could take professional movers minutes. Our moving company in Dallas, TX has the tools and equipment to safely move furniture and belongings from all types of layouts and environments.

Hiring movers is the best way to ensure you’re not forced to leave important things behind because you don’t have much time to move.

Make Moving Easier with Element Moving Company

Element Moving in Dallas, Texas offers white glove moving services that take the stress out of a local move, long-distance move, and every move in between. We’re experts at handling special requests. Let our team handle moving, packing, unpacking, storage, and anything else your last-minute move demands. Contact us today to get your next move on our schedule!