The Do’s and Don’ts of Piano Moving

Sep 30, 2021 | Moving Tips

Music can be one of the most calming elements of a family’s home. One of the most popular instruments we move at Element Moving & Storage is the piano. 

While your piano may offer bliss and relaxation when played, moving it out of your old home and into your new home can be outright dangerous if done the wrong way

As the countdown to your move-in date draws near, make sure that if you have a piano in the mix of your items, that you keep these essential do’s and don’ts in mind.

Do Get Help From a Professional Piano Moving Company

Not all moving companies have the same capabilities. Some can move pianos safely, while others claim to but cannot. 

As you search for a moving company to work with, check their website for specific services they offer. A reliable moving company like Element will have a specific piano moving page that describes their credentials for the job.

Pianos are an investment that should last through generations of enjoyment. Make sure that yours stands the test of time, and use a mover that specializes in pianos and other delicate collections to move your equipment properly.

Don’t Attempt to Lift the Piano on Your Own

Pianos can weigh between 500 and 1200 plus pounds. Even if you just have a quick move from your living room to a moving truck, lifting the piano with your friends in a DIY move is one of the most dangerous maneuvers to attempt.

Avoid back pain, crushed fingers, or even worse accidents. Put your piano move in the hands of experienced movers. 

We know how to:

  • Approach different types of pianos
  • Safely disassemble and reassemble pianos
  • Cushion your piano for the actual move
  • Safely lift your piano from its original location and into our truck

Do Move Any Obstacles Out of the Way

Even professional movers need to move pianos safely. Typically, the piano is the first piece of large furniture to go. So, make sure that the coast is clear for your movers in order to ensure a safe, quick move that keeps your piano and movers intact.

Don’t Try to Roll Your Piano Out

Even Grand and Baby Grand pianos often come with wheels attached to their legs. Most homeowners don’t give these wheels the proper lubrication or maintenance attention they need, and they eventually become immobile.

In these instances, when a person tries to roll their piano from its position, several things can go wrong:

  • The legs snap 
  • A home’s floor is permanently damaged
  • A person can face serious injury from the piano’s sudden fall to the ground

Get Your Piano Moved Safely With Element Moving & Storage

If you are moving and own a piano, trust the professionals of Element Moving & Storage to get the job done right. We specialize in moving large, delicate furniture pieces and collections. So, we guarantee a fast, safe relocation of your piano amongst the rest of your moving items.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your next big move on our calendar.