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Piano Moving

The folks at Element understand that pianos not only bring a classic touch of artistry, romance, and sophistication to the room, but they are a calm, soothing oasis for both players and non-players alike. Whether it’s a spinner, an upright, a baby grand, or a full grand, these majestic instruments are precious gems that you’ll want to protect and preserve from one generation to the next.

Element Moving and Storage, LLC has long had a love for the 88 keyed instrument, and this appreciation is evident in the way that we gently store and move the lavish instrument for the clients we serve. Here’s what you can expect from the next generation in moving and storage when you opt for our piano moving services:

Protection Every Step of the Way

Residential moving jobs can be tricky, especially when you consider staircases, narrow passageways, and other obstacles that can be thrown into the mix. Your basic, typical moving company has only one goal in mind, and that’s to simply get items from point A to point B. They hardly take the extra time and effort to really address the common concerns during a move, and fail to ask important the questions: what might cause wear-and-tear on the piano when it’s leaving the departure point? How about when it’s sitting in the truck during transport? Or when it’s coming off the truck? What about when it’s being unpacked? Nope—for them, it’s just about getting the job done.

At Element Moving and Storage, LLC, we believe your piano deserves TLC (tender love and care). That’s why our professionals will take note the dimensions of your piano, the space we’re using during its transport, and analyze the features of its final destination to ensure your piano remains as pampered as it should be. We’ll take into consideration the distance of transport, and adjust the method of moving. From there, you can expect Element’s proactive steps: 

  • Pad-wrapping for extra security on the road and in the truck
  • Leg removal
  • Custom box creation around the dimensions of the piano itself
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Usage of a piano board for easier transport and stability

These are just a few of the steps we’ll take for every piano we handle, and we know that each and every one is special. Pianos often carry with them a history and unique story—whether it’s your household spinner, a historic antique, or an ornate concert piano, we’ve handled them all. By being the next generation in moving and storage, Element Moving and Storage, LLC has the skill, knowledge, and experience required to make sure your piano is well taken care of during the entire process.

Breakdown and Reconstruction

If you’ve got a keen eye, you probably noticed us mention leg removal when going over the packing process. Deconstruction and reconstruction is a unique feature we offer as the next generation in moving and storage in order to fully maximize safety and efficiency. For some pianos, they’re not only too difficult to move as a whole, but dangerous; not to mention the environmental obstacles that may also add to the headache. In these cases, we’ll take the time to carefully remove legs and/or other removable pieces in order to reduce the likelihood of a bump or scratch during the move.

When we arrive at the point of delivery, we’ll bring the piano inside and position it as desired before reconstructing it again. The breakdown and reconstruction process not only ensures the safety and efficiency of moving your piano, but makes navigating those pesky turns and corners much easier without the risk of scuffing or damaging a removable part.

Play It Again with Element Moving and Storage, LLC

While many may consider this a niche service, it’s a very important one for Element Moving and Storage, LLC—by being the next generation in moving and storage, we go out of our way to win our customers’ confidence when handling their belongings with intrinsic services that other moving companies don’t offer. We don’t work for just satisfactory results, we strive for next-generation results. Hundreds of Americans have trusted us with their pianos—each with a unique story, family history, future—and we are proud to continue serving them.

Whether you’re a piano player, a teacher, a collector, a famous instructor, or none of these, you can still expect the same unparalleled results and method of delivery when you choose us as your partner. Contact us today to learn just how we can serve your moving needs, or for a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.

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