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Transporting Trade Show Exhibits, Displays and Promotional Items

Trade shows are an excellent way to market and promote your product to the rest of the world, they generate revenue, help establish connections, and even nurture existing clientele. 

Yes, trade shows are extremely fun; though to an exhibitor, they can be as stressful as they are rewarding.

We’ve realized that oftentimes exhibitors stress about the timely transport of their materials (and their quality and state upon arrival). We know this unnecessary stress is completely preventable, which is why we  make sure you don’t worry about the transport and setup because we can do it for you. With the next generation in moving and storage, you never have to worry about running into any excuses, schedule delays, or any last-minute fees. Free Moving Quote

As the most trusted moving company in Texas, we ensure that the entire process from packing to setting up runs smoothly, efficiently, and without hassle. We know you need to focus on your business, and we want to make sure that’s the only thing you do.

Fast Trade Show Setups

If we haven’t emphasized already, trade shows are built around deadlines. Strict, punctual deadlines. Since most exhibits are constricted to a certain time on a certain day, there’s absolutely no room for delays, rescheduling, or excuses.

Secondly and going off our previous statement the location cof the exhibit is only available for a small window of time; which means as your professional moving company, we’re a servant of the clock when packing, transporting, setting up, breaking down, and packing again. There is no margin for error.

We understand the gravity of your business’ exhibit. That’s why we arrive as early as possible. To not only help with setting up, but we spare no minute after the event’s over. 

We’ll stand by while you do your thing, so we can get right to work as soon as you’re done.

Convenient Trade Show Storage  

Moving a shipment back and forth throughout various locations not only consumes unnecessary time and resources, but drives costs through the roof and who wants to pay more than they have to?

As the next generation in moving and storage, we plan ahead; Element Moving & Storage, LLC has hundreds of commercial storage units across the United States (and in most major cities) for the cost-effective, efficient safekeeping of your materials.

While we were founded in Dallas, we operate internationally, and even globally. Whether New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, or Chicago, we have the storage and equipment you need for any and every trade show inside or outside US borders. 

Additionally, we make sure you can access your inventory at any place, any time at a fraction of the cost.

We Know Trade Shows

Before Element Moving & Storage, LLC became official, we long had personal experience with trade shows on both sides of the coin. In fact, our professional trade show movers both operated exhibits and handled movement in various trade shows for 8 years. Today, as a company, we’ve crafted the perfect trade show service that covers the entire scope of what it takes to run a great exhibit.

Whether for the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market or the ATS International Conference, we know what it takes to run a successful, stress-free exhibit even if that means using special equipment or materials. With us, everything you need is at your disposal; whether it’s a pallet jack, safe jack, or even a receiving dock. Additionally, we specialize in custom-crating and packing of specific items, just to ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible.

When you choose us, we take our time getting to know your business. We’ll ask questions, keep a tight inventory of your items, and even send a moving professional beforehand to perform an on-site estimate of everything to ensure all is covered.

We Handle Every Moving & Storage Need

Unlike your basic moving company, we don’t simply round up your items and handle them uniformly. We specialize in moving and professionally handling a plethora of items, including:

Along with our experience handling a wide variety of items, we use specialized custom materials for packing, moving, and storing your special inventory.

Why go with a basic mover when you can have a trusted, professional moving company on your side?

Our specialized services are a big reason why we have the lowest claims rate in the industry. While the average moving company’s claims rate is 10%, ours sits at less than 1% (across the board). 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your trade show. As a company rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau, we’re always eager to help in any way we can.

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