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Moving Boxes for Sale in Dallas

If you want your belongings to stay protected from damage during your move, you should shop for brand new moving boxes or crate rental. Buying new boxes allows you to choose the shape, size, style, and durability of your boxes.  New boxes are also less likely to fail during the move, and they can last multiple moves if you keep them stored away from moisture and pests.  At Element Moving and Storage, we sell Moving Box Kits that we deliver to your front door for any size home so you don’t need to make multiple stops to get prepared for your move or rely on secondhand boxes that might not be structurally sound.

1-2 Bedroom Box Kit Prices

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4+ Bedroom Box Kit

Moving Box Prices for 4 bedrooms


Below are the box types sold at Element Moving and Storage.  For a custom quote to buy moving boxes, contact a relocation specialist at (972) 805-0988

Standard, Square Moving Boxes

These standard square boxes come in three different sizes, and they’re great for storing clothing, kitchen utensils, linens, and other non-fragile items. If you don’t have many specialty belongings that require extra care, stock up on these reliable boxes in all sizes.

Heavy Duty Moving Boxes

Heavy-duty moving boxes have extra layers of protection to keep fragile items like dishes, decorations, and electronics safe from damage on moving days. These can also be used for non-fragile items since they give your belongings extra protection from the elements. If you want the sturdiest protection for your belongings, you should purchase these heavy-duty boxes.

Wardrobe Boxes

Do you have clothes that you can’t or don’t want to fold? Buy some wardrobe boxes to keep those items wrinkle-free. Wardrobe boxes are designed to be tall with a special latch and a rod inside, so you can keep your clothes on hangers to avoid moisture and wrinkles. These boxes are sturdy enough to protect your clothes during transportation, and they’ll prevent all fabrics from wrinkling or becoming damaged. You can even buy wardrobe boxes in different sizes to accommodate shirts, dresses, pants, and other delicate clothing items.

File Boxes

File boxes are sturdy and reinforced to hold important documents from your home office. These boxes are assembled in a unique way to avoid failure, and they have cut-out handles for you to carry. We recommend file boxes for art, photos, personal documents, and any papers or files you need to bring with you. These boxes can even be used to transport your book collection!

Lamp Boxes

Lamps can be awkward to move, and it can be difficult to pack them into boxes with other belongings. Lamp boxes help you avoid this issue because they’re designed to only hold your lamp. They allow you to more effectively pack and pad your lamp to help it survive the move without sustaining damage.

Buy Moving Boxes

If you’re planning an upcoming move, you can count on Element Moving. We now offer moving box delivery service where you may order a box kit based on the size of your home, and have your entire set of boxes delivered right to your doorstep. Our experienced moving team can handle as much or as little of your move as you’d like, including packing, loading and unloading, transportation, and even unpacking based on your specifications.

We offer specialized services for antiques, wine, firearms, fine art, and even pianos. If you can’t part with some items but aren’t able to bring them with you, take advantage of our long-term and short-term storage, secured by 24/7 surveillance cameras and protection from local law enforcement. Contact us today for more information and a free quote!

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