How to Prepare for Your Long-Distance Move

Jun 30, 2022 | Long Distance Moving, Packing Services

Any move is a monumental undertaking. Yet, there is nothing quite as time-consuming or stressful as a long-distance move.

From ensuring that all of your valuables are ready for the big day, to getting all of the details settled in your new home and community, there is literally a lot to unpack.

Make your long-distance move as stress-free as possible with these handy tips from Element Moving & Storage.

Find a Great Long-Distance Moving Company

You want the best of the best when it comes to a long-distance move. Hiring the first mover you find with a decent rate could be a massive mistake. Before your make a final decision on your moving team, make sure you have effectively:

  • Checked for insurance and valuation coverage
  • Checked for accreditation with the Better Business Bureau
  • Read their reviews
  • Examined your budget and if it falls under the estimate they are offering

Always Ask for an In-Home Estimate

Speaking of estimates, never accept an online or over-the-phone estimate for your long-distance move. Only accept in-home estimates to ensure you get the best rate from your moving company.

A legitimate moving team will insist on an in-home estimate so they have a clear understanding of what your move will entail and give you an accurate view of how much your total move will cost.

Consider Saying Goodbye to Your Furniture

Moving is typically charged by the weight of your belongings. Unless you are moving antique furniture or absolutely can’t afford to get new furniture in your new location, we recommend taking measures to save some money during your move. Sell your old furniture on Offerup or Facebook Marketplace and prepare to start fresh in your new home.

Follow the One-Year Rule for What Stays and What Goes

When you are going through your belongings, you want to ensure that only the essentials make their way into your new home. Over the years, it’s easy to accumulate clutter and things that you really don’t need.

Start your life in your new home with a clean slate and follow the one-year rule for what makes it to your new home. Essentially, if you haven’t used an item in a year, it’s likely not going to get used in your new home and should be slated for donation, trash, or a garage sale.

Schedule Packing & Moving Services

One great way to save your family time and money is to find a moving company that offers packing services. It can be difficult to know just how many boxes and how much material like packing tape and labels you’ll need for your move.

It’s easy to overestimate and underestimate these needs and either situation is costly for your move. Working with a professional packing service lets you pay for exactly what you need, frees up your time leading up to the move, and ensures your belongings are properly packed and moved as safely as possible.

Budget Your Time

Planning for a long-distance move is everything. It’s not going to take mere days to get your family ready for a long-distance move. It could take weeks and even months.

We suggest creating a moving checklist of everything that needs to be done and setting a specific deadline for each task. This will help ensure that nothing is forgotten and that you aren’t playing a stressful game of catch-up in the days before the actual move.

Make Your Long-Distance Move a Success With Element Moving & Storage

If you have a long-distance move on the horizon and want the best white glove movers in Dallas to help, Element Moving & Storage is available!

We are a team of professionals that can handle moves of all sizes and specialize in moving valuable items like wine collections, art pieces, and antique furniture.

Make sure your move is handled by the best. Contact us today to schedule our services and plan your official move-out date.