Piano Moving Tips

Jul 25, 2012 | Blog, Tips, Uncategorized

Piano moving should be left up to a professional moving company but also it should be left up to moving company that understands the nuances of moving such fine art furniture. Piano moving is an art in itself.

Our talented team of professional movers can accommodate any piano of any size…why because we have moved pianos of any size in the past with the greatest of success. Piano moving is not a do it yourself moving experience…even if you have the Dallas Cowboys as your moving buddies.

There are numerous precautions that are necessary to ensure that moving your piano is executed with the greatest precision and care:

  1. Wrapping the Piano not only for the move to the truck but also for the truck ride to its new location is a must.
  2. Using an extremely large furniture dolly that accommodates the largest piece of furniture.
  3. Protection of keyboard – this must be secured then wrapped so that the precious keys are not damaged during the move.
  4. Planning – Make sure you know exactly where the piano is going prior to when the movers are moving the piano so that they can place it exactly to your liking.  Ideally you have selected a space not only for its acoustics but also for it ascetics in the room.

Element Moving and Storage has moved numerous pianos throughout the Dallas Ft. Worth Area. If you would us to move your piano call us at 888.972.2001.